Llega el Metro Buddy, otro coche eléctrico noruego

El Metro Buddy tiene unas dimensiones reducidas que lo hacen ideal para la ciudad y puede alcanzar entre 80 y 120 kilómetros de autonomía con una sola carga gracias a sus baterías de Níquel o de Litio, que pueden recargarse en cualquier enchufe del garaje o la estación de servicio.

No es coche para hacer grandes viajes ni tampoco para alcanzar grandes velocidades, pero su velocidad punta es apropiada para desplazamientos urbanos, que son la inmensa mayoría. Puede llegar a 80 kilómetros por hora.

Metro Buddy es un vehículo diseñado para tres plazas, conductor y dos pasajeros. Sus creadores tienen previsto comercialzarlo en diciembre de este año y aunque aún no han especificado cuál será su precio, se espera que ronde los 15.000 euros.


Metro Buddy officially launched, will invade Europe

This latest Buddy should begin production this October and be available to buyers in December. The company plans on producing 5,000 of the little electric wedges with sales efforts beginning first in Scandinavia.

Buddy officially unveiled its Metro at the recent 24th Electric Vehicle Symposium in Stavanger, Norway in the presence of such luminaries as Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway, Morton Harket of popular 80s band a-ha and Norwegian TV weather presenter Siri Kalvig – who already owns one of Buddy’s current Classic model e-cars.

The three-seater Metro follows the traditional ‘leccy quadracycle route by having a steel chassis and separate body. But, rather than the current Buddy Classic’s fibreglass panels, the e-car will be clothed in more durable Telene plastic.

Like the Classic though, the Metro will ship with a kerosene-powered heater to get everything toasty warm on those bitter Norwegian winter mornings.

The 1020Kg Metro will be powered by a 13.1 kWh battery pack – hooked up to a 13kW electric motor – that Buddy’s claimed is enough to power the car to a top speed of 80kph (50mph). It’ll also be capable of achieving a 0-50kph (0-31mph) “dash” in seven seconds.

Although the Metro’s standard battery pack will be a lead-acid affair, lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride packs will apparently also be available.

On a full charge the e-car’s said to be capable of between 80 and 120km (50 to 72 miles), depending on battery type, terrain, temperature and driving style.

Buddy’s Metro will be available throughout Norway and Scandinavia this December, with European-wide sales scheduled to start early next year. Prices haven’t been confirmed yet, but the current Buddy Classic starts at Kr135,000 (£13,400/$21,300/€15,200).



The result of nearly 20 years of experience, the METROBuddy is a refined and practical electric vehicle for personal transportation in the city. It aims to combine ultimate mobility, ease of use and a joyous drive.

The METROBuddy is a compact but light three-seater with en electric motor driving its rear wheels. The battery pack of choice lies low in the chassis, providing a low pivot point and excellent balance.

Three optional battery packs are available. Lead, Nickel Metalhydrid or Lithium-Ion. These provide a range of 80 and 120km and allow recharging at any given moment.

The METROBuddys modest size allows for parallel parking and fast city-crossing, easing congestion and trebling parking space.

Minimal parts and sturdy construction provides low maintenance and low running cost, while being environment friendly and looking cool.

Zero emissions qualify for tax exemption, free parking and use of toll roads, depending on national regulations.

A wide array of colors and interior finishes are available and METROBuddy will be ready for delivery in December 2009. Until then the existing Buddy Classic will remain in the showrooms, satisfying the customer who wants a car tomorrow.

METROBuddy is practical, economical and environment friendly.