ECO Jetski: La primera moto acuática eléctrica

Las baterías proporcionan una autonomía de hasta 3 horas y la moto se puede desplazar a una velocidad máxima de unos 80 kilómetros por hora. 

Hay que tener en cuenta que, para la mayoría de usuarios, montar más de 3 horas puede llegar a resultar pesado. Y la velocidad que puede alcanzar, sobre el papel puede parecer modesta, pero más que suficiente para incordiar a los bañistas y reconfortar a sus molestos y horteras usuarios.

ECO Watercraft, la empresa que ha diseñado este jetski, aporta un nuevo estímulo para que la sociedad se adapte a las energías renovables.

Basta recordar el desagradable ruido que producen las motos de agua con propulsores de gasolina. Sin olvidar los sucios rastros de humo y aceite que van dejando sobre la superficie del mar.

Con esta nueva moto eléctrica, esos problemas desaparecen y sólo se escuchará el sonido del casco al desplazarse sobre el agua. Hay que añadir el menor mantenimiento del motor eléctrico. No hay piezas sometidas a grandes cargas ni se necesitan sucios e ineficientes motores de combustión.

Además, los motores eléctricos disponen del 100 % de par y poseen mejor aceleración. Los creadores están muy orgullosos de su creación y afirman que su compromiso con el medio ambiente es total. Una mejora sustancial respecto a las contaminantes motos acuáticas. 

Para fabricar estas motos acuáticas afirman que sólo utilizan electricidad proveniente de fuentes de energía renovable. Su salida al mercado parece inminente. Si el precio de la ECO Watercraft es razonable, garantizará una migración masiva hacia este producto y nos ahorraremos parte de su impacto ecológico.


50mph Electric Jetski

Environmental Impact – In 1998 it was reported that a seven hour ride on a 2 stroke Jet Ski kicks out more pollution than an old model car driving 100,000 miles. Jet skis are one of the top pollutants to water in the United States. It was estimated in 2001 that air pollution from Jet skis imposes at least 240 million dollars a year in healthcare costs to Americans. The ECO will produce absolutely zero emissions. No more gasoline expelled into the water or toxic fumes making swimmers nauseous.

Noise – Gasoline engines in personal watercraft produce piercing noises that can be heard for 10’s of miles. This noise disturbance was estimated to cost the public 1.25 billion dollars in 2005 and had negatively impacted property value in the amount of 315 million. Imagine riding an ECO 50mph in complete silence. The tranquility of riding the ECO will attract even the atypical rider.

Riding in banned Areas – Although congress recently forced Personal Watercraft companies to change their engines to 4 stroke there is still a ban on jet skis in the majority of lakes. The ECO will be permitted on many lakes that restrict gasoline vehicles.

Convenience – when done riding your personal watercraft whether in the ocean or at your lakefront home you must drive to the gas station, load many large canisters full of gasoline and then dispense them into your watercraft. The ECO will simply pull up at the dock and charge. Whether you are at your Lake House, beach, or yacht it will be extremely convenient.

Technology – the latest technology will be employed on our watercraft. Gasoline engines are extremely inefficient, electric propulsion continues to make strides yearly. The ECO will embrace new technologies as they become available and incorporate them into our watercraft.

Performance – Gasoline engines are very inefficient, they have very low torque at low RPM’s and they only have peak torque in an extremely narrow range. The all electric ECO will have 100% torque anytime it is needed. The ECO can accelerate fast and very efficiently. It is a unique ride that must simply be experienced to believe.

Maintenance – Gasoline watercraft must have frequent oil changes and lubrication. Filters must be changed, parts replaced frequently. This is time consuming, expensive and just unnecessary. The ECO will not require any maintenance and will maintain a higher resale value.

ECO Mission

EcoWatercraft is on a mission to reduce emissions. It is our goal to develop a customer base built solely on technological advancements and customer satisfaction. We will provide the most customer oriented experience in the personal watercraft industry.

EcoWatercraft will be the first American personal watercraft corporation. Additionally, we will be the first all electric personal watercraft manufacturer. We will employ Americans to build our ECO’s in a facility that is 100% powered from renewable sources of energy.

EcoWatercraft will host workshops and educational presentations to highlight the need for a sustainable “green” world and economy. We believe by following these methods we will inspire a need for change and build a company that will transcend the future of watercraft.

Barrett Taylor (Founder)

Barrett Taylor has worked on many Eco Friendly projects throughout his career. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Arizona State University. As a collegiate triathlete Mr. Taylor swam in lakes all over the nation. During a half Ironman swim there were extremely heavy fumes expelled from the jetskis patrolling the swim site. These fumes made many of the athletes nauseous. This inspired Mr. Taylor to look more closely at the health implications of breathing in toxic fumes and the necessity of gasoline powered personal watercraft. Accepted into medical school in 2008, Mr. Taylor quickly realized that his leadership skills would be best utilized elsewhere. That is when Mr. Taylor dropped out of school to pursue a dream many called “foolish”.

Mr. Taylor has assembled a team of engineers dedicated to bringing the fastest, safest all electric personal watercraft to market. Through development of our proprietary technology, ECO will achieve the status as the first and only 100% emissions free electric personal watercraft corporation in the world.

Todd Kollin (Product Development)

Todd Kollin racing on his electric motorcycle the GPR-S. Mr. Kollin owner and CEO of Electric Motorsport, has an extensive background in electric propulsion vehicles. He has converted almost every vehicle to date to run solely on electricity. Todd Kollin founded Electric Motorsport in 2001, which specializes in the sales and service of Personal Electric Vehicles as well as supplying electric vehicle parts for builders, hobbyists, educational institutions and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Mr. Kollin has developed prototypes and supplied drive systems for numerous EV startup companies including Mission One motorcycles, Zero motorcycles, Barefoot Motors and KLD Technologies.

In addition, Mr. Kollin has produced the United State’s first street and freeway legal electric motorcycle (Electric Motorsport’s GPR-S). His longterm expertise and knowledge in the electric vehicle field will ensure an extremely fast, long range, hiqh quality personal watercraft.

Raul Aguilar (Head Engineer)

Raul Aguilar has 30 plus years of systems engineering and experience with a focus on electric propulsion, which makes him the Ideal engineer to head the Eco Watercraft team. After attending the Electric Engineering program at the National Polytechnic institute in Mexico City at age 20, he was drafted to be the national service manager for Digital Machines International, a California Company with operations in Mexico. A few years later, his entrepreneurial drive lead him to establish an independent company providing industrial maintenance services, focused on hydrostatic transmissions and servos for process automation. Fascinated by the computer revolution of the 1990’s, Mr. Aguilar became an Apple computer specialist, designing and administering networks for firms in the Arts and Design industries.

Since 1998, Mr. Aguilar has been designing and applying propulsion systems for LEVs. He has specialized in electric powered wheels and brushless motor controllers. In 2009, he joined the team at Eco Watercraft as a lead engineer to develop ECO Watercraft’s proprietary technology, which will transform the future of zero emission boating.

Lewis Elliot (PR / Marketing)

Lewis Elliot, professional triathlete, has been involved in endurance training and sports his entire life. At the age of 15 his prodigious young talents won him the youngest athlete to ever score U.S. pro points in cycling. He was a member of the United States National Cycling Team from 1996-2000, representing the United States at the World Cycling Championships in 1998. Participating in daily endurance training, Mr. Elliot is extremely committed to advocating eco-friendly “green” technology that will reduce the pollution caused to our air and waters. “I think if we’re going to survive on this planet (humans) we better start working in that direction”.

As a professional triathlete, Mr. Elliot is no stranger to marketing and public relations. He has won the sponsorship of multiple large corporations and has appeared on various TV and radio talk shows. Mr. Elliot is extremely committed to charity work hosting the Tri For The Cure triathlon race in Phoenix, Arizona aimed at helping raise money and awareness of breast cancer. Additionally, Mr. Elliot runs Tri-Scottsdale, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health and wellness through sport. Mr. Elliot enjoys oceanic open water swimming with the ECO, as it provides a safe way to swim in large bodies of water and not get hit by other boats. (