New Electric Vehicles Reinforces PSB?s Eco Commitment

“We have always been innovative with our products and services,” explained President Mark Debellis. “It comes as no surprise that we are embracing this new technology too.”

Electric cars are the latest addition to PSB’s Eco-Friendly business practices. Both cars use new technology to maximize fuel-economy but in different ways. The cars include the new Nissan Leaf and the BMW Active E.

The Leaf features several technological advancements, resulting in the equivalent of 106 miles per gallon (mpg) but with a 100% electric engine. Everything in the car is designed to be green, from the LED headlights that use 50% of the power of regular headlights to the body style that is designed to minimize drag and maximize efficiency.

The BMW also uses an electric engine. BMW makes the most of efficacy reducing weight and adapting certain systems from mechanical to electrical which lets them run only when needed. The BMW Active E has an effective range of around 80 miles to a single charge.

PSB Integrated Marketing has always embraced new technologies and environmentally friendly practices. The new electric cars parked at PSB’s corporate offices are further testimony to this commitment. In recent years, PSB has also adapted the following technological innovation/environmentally conscious efforts:

Introduced Eco-Smart product line for newsletters that use eco-friendly stocks and smaller finished sizes
Integrated digital print solutions including variable data printing, QR codes, and PURLs
Incorporated of the FSC-approved paper stocks, which support this global watchdog group that serves to protect the indigenous people from third world logging areas
Installed natural gas turbines at PSB’s headquarters producing self-generated power and reducing dependency on the power grid
Recycled materials such as used paper stock, residual inks, and metal printing plates to preserve natural resources

PSB believes in the importance of going green. Their goal is to make changes that preserve natural resources and replace them with those that are sustainable or to lower the amount that is consumed. Companies that are going green are leading the way in starting social change. Little changes by a lot of companies can have a large environmental impact.

While the cars are the most recent move in PSB’s efforts to be an environmentally conscious company, they are not the last. The senior management team is always looking for ways to promote their agenda to be an earth-friendly company. Bill Berndt, CEO and founder of PSB, explains his thinking.

“I believe that we need to help set an example within the community,” he said. “Using electric vehicles shows that PSB values our scarce resources and invests in new technologies.”

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