World?s largest photovoltaic concentrating solar power plant

Convert Italia, one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies in Italy, and Solaria Corporation, a leading solar module manufacturer, announced that the largest low PV concentrating solar power plant in the world is now online. Owned and operated by Convert Italia, the solar tracking power plant combines Convert Italia’s MX1 horizontal tracking system with Solaria’s advanced low concentration photovoltaic modules. Convert Italia is currently constructing two additional solar power plants using Solaria modules.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with Convert Italia”

“Solaria’s innovative modules are a perfect fit with our Convert MX1 tracker,” said Giuseppe Moro, president of Convert Italia. “Tracking systems, which follow the sun’s transit across the sky, increase sunlight capture, generating up to 30% more electricity than fixed PV arrays. The result combines industry-leading performance and reliability with compelling system economics. Solaria has been a great partner, delivering quality products with a strong focus on customer service. We’ve had high expectations for the performance of the Solaria modules, and those expectations have been met.”

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with Convert Italia,” stated Dan Shugar, Solaria CEO. “Convert Italia’s trackers unlock the unique advantages of Solaria modules. Our proprietary cell multiplication technology enables our high efficiency modules to use less than half the silicon of other PV modules. Solaria modules combined with Convert Italia’s outstanding engineering and attention to detail has led to a highly successful project.”

Solaria’s patented technology and proprietary manufacturing process enable more efficient use of crystalline PV material in standard form factor modules. Optimized for solar tracking systems, Solaria modules use high quality crystalline silicon, robust tempered glass with specialized optical properties, and listed materials for exceptional reliability and performance.

Convert Italia S.p.A boasts 30 years of experience, and is one of the fastest growing Italian companies in the renewables field. Its experience, industrial and engineering skills, technologically cutting-edge systems and products, and customer orientation are key factors that allowed Convert Italia S.p.A. to become a major player in the construction of photovoltaic systems, and in the production of energy for industries, consortia, and private companies.

Solaria Corporation, an ISO 9001 registered company, designs, manufactures and markets silicon PV modules and systems to solar system integrators, project developers and electric utilities. Based on its patented low-cost technology, Solaria’s modules provide reliable performance while matching form, fit and performance of conventional PV modules. Solaria headquarters are in California with operations in Germany, India, and China.