High Commissioner champions joint NZ ?UK approach on Marine Energy

Speaking at the Blue Energy Conference at Te Papa this morning, Mrs Treadell argued that the European Marine Energy Centre based off the Orkneys has a 48 million pounds turnover and if New Zealand established a Southern Hemisphere Centre it could have a similar turnover.

“It would be great if New Zealand could join Britain at the leading edge of a new global industry. Let us be frank, dairying is not going to do on its own for the New Zealand economy”.

“The business case for marine energy is compelling. By 2035 around one trillion dollars US annually will be invested in global energy infrastructure. The UK already exports £30 billion of energy related services annually and most of that is in the low carbon sector.”

Mrs Treadell argued it as not just about New Zealand generating alternative power for its own energy needs but creating an export industry that brings in new income that comes from selling expertise and testing new technology.

“Analysis by the Carbon Trust predicts that the Marine Energy industry could generate £ 76 billion for the United Kingdom economy by 2050 with 68,000 new jobs. Just imagine what that could mean in New Zealand terms. “

The United Kingdom leads the world in Marine energy technology and has brought out a special delegation of 12 Marine industry experts for this week’s Blue Energy Conference.