Wind Energy Update: Europe?s Leading Offshore Wind Farm Supply Chain Meeting

The event by wind energy update has been engineered specifically for professionals looking to meet new and competitive offshore wind turbines supply chain partners so to ensure cost efficiency in new projects despite the current economic instability. The latest news from the conference is that the timed agenda has just been issued which contains all the information about the event’s format, timings and speakers.

With offshore wind power projects now being developed in deeper waters there is an urgent need to ensure the industry is united and prepared to face the upcoming challenges. That is why the overriding theme of the event is on reducing the cost and coping with high volume workloads – two issues which are presently causing serious threats to the industry and the businesses involved in it. The aim is to provide critical information on how to preserve and grow businesses in 2012 and beyond commented wind energy update.

Wind Energy Update demonstrate their commitment to the sector leading procurement and contract managers from Europe’s main utilities are coming to the supply chain meeting to share their views on how businesses can adapt to the new, farshore environment without compromising the quality of the products and services they offer. With numerous companies entering the market every year it is critical to know what are the clients looking for.