Ireland?s wind energy will continue growth

Ireland has made major steps in its wind farm plants outfit over the recent months increasing the jobs in the sector. “This is greater than any other synchronous region in Europe over this timeframe.

“There is ongoing work to develop a better understanding of the potential for integrating other renewable sources, such as ocean energy technology, biomass and waste-to-energy plants,” said Byrne.

Against a backdrop of fiscal volatility in the EU, the island of Ireland overall still managed to install a combined 270 MW of wind turbines generation – Ireland (218 MW) and Northern Ireland (52 MW) – since EirGrid’s September 2010 report.

EirGrid has started a three-year programme called Delivering a Secure, Sustainable Electricity System (DS3) to develop Ireland’s wind capabilities.

“The broad nature and strategic importance of this work means that any decisions taken will need input and engagement from all relevant industry stakeholders, and we are working to facilitate open communication and coordination at all stages of this process,” added Byrne.

David Richardson,