Spanish Government sets aside ?72 million for electric vehicles

The 25% subsidy is also available for commercial electric vehicles such as buses and vans with a more generous cap of €15,000 – €30,000 depending on the type of electric vehicle.

This subsidy is part of the governments wider 2010 – 2014 plan to ‘Promote Electric Vehicles in Spain’, they have yet to announce what if anything will be available from December 2011 to December 2014.

Xero Electric Vehicles, a British company specialized in electric vehicles, is to start production of electric cars in the Business Park in the municipality of Melón in the province of Orense (Galicia) in 2012.

The project is part of the Impulsa Plan promoted by the Orense Institute for Economic Development. Xero Electric Vehicles already has a prototype of the X-EV electric car with a range of 200 kilometers and the factory will be up to full capacity in 2012, with annual production of 20,000 electric cars and the creation of a thousand jobs.