Geothermal energy panacea to Kenya?s economy

Kenya’s geothermal resources will be the panacea to economic snags, a senior international economic advisor has said.
Dr. Silas Simiyu explains a point to Dr. Victor Koh

Dr. Victor Koh, Senior Vice President of the International Leadership University, while giving a talk to the Nakuru Chamber of Commerce over the weekend advised locals to take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by Kenya’s geothermal resources.

“There is a lot of potential for this country,” he said. “Kenya should be able to tap into this resource and create wealth.”

He took the audience through the journey that Singapore treaded to reach its economic flair. He noted that Singapore did not have water; it had to buy from neighboring states which continually issued disconnection threats.

Later Dr. Koh toured the Menengai Geothermal Project where GDC is currently drilling with two rigs. He also toured the Olkaria Geothermal Project and the Oserian Flower Farm.

“Geothermal development produces a lot of water. This water should be put into good use,” he noted. Dr. Silas Simiyu, the GDC Managing Director & CEO introduced Dr. Koh to the integrated approach to geothermal development. In this concept, apart from electricity generation, GDC will support the growth of direct geothermal utilization for industrial, livestock and agricultural growth.

GDC drillers in Menengai are upbeat as they have crossed the 1000 meters mark at Rig One. As at 8:00 hours on Monday April, 4 2011, the well had reached 1100 meters. Drillers are expecting to drill up to 3000 meters. The progress is smooth, engineers said. At the same time, the crew was drilling out cement at Rig Two. The next casing for this rig will be done at 400 meters.