Suzlon ? GL Renewables mark decade of excellence in wind power

Speaking on the body of work that began with GL Renewables Certification issuing the first Type Certificate for Suzlon’s wind turbine types S33 300kW and 350kW in 2001, Mr. Tulsi R. Tanti, Chairman and Managing Director – Suzlon Group said: “This has been a remarkable journey for us. GL Renewables has been a partner to us in the truest sense, helping us meet and exceed standards of excellence in our journey to become one of the top wind turbines companies in the world. From our first 350 kW machines, which in those days were among the largest and most advanced, to the latest addition to our portfolio – the S9X suite of 2 MW-class turbines – GL has helped guide and shape our technological advance.

“This is a relationship that has stood the test of time, and we look forward to a long, fruitful association in the years to come.” A Type Certificate confirms that a wind turbine complies with certification guidelines for wind turbines around design, prototype measurements and exemplary manufacturing evaluation. Between 2001 and 2011, GL Renewables has issued 50 Type Certificates, 100 Statements of Compliance and 350 Certification Reports to Suzlon Energy Ltd.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Andreas Schroeter, Senior Vice President GL Renewables Certification, said: "In our decade of cooperation, Suzlon and GL shared so many experiences, accomplished so many state-of-the-art projects and exceeded even our own high quality standards to establish both of our companies as thought leaders in the wind energy industry worldwide. We are now even more excited to see what many more decades of collaboration and partnership will bring."

Suzlon’s first full-fledged design, the S64, 1 MW-class wind turbine received its GL type certificate in 2003, followed by the S88 2 MW-class in 2006. Over the years, 51 GL-engineers were involved in Suzlon’s global projects, which today stand at over 15,000 MW of total
wind farm installations worldwide.

Suzlon, the leader in the Indian wind energy, has maintained market leadership by capturing ~50 per cent market share for 12 consecutive years. Suzlon offers the concept-to-commissioning business model to wind energy investors in India – providing a comprehensive suite of services from wind turbine supply, to EPC, lifetime operations and maintenance and other value added services covering the entire value chain. The success of the model is seen in Suzlon’s rapid growth in India – with over 40 sites across eight states, and an installed base of more than 5,500 MW and a customer portfolio that captures the leaders of the Indian Industry.

The company’s global spread reflects in its projects and markets portfolio – extending across Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America. Suzlon is a highly vertically integrated wind turbine manufacturer with manufacturing capability along the full value chain – from components to complete wind turbine systems.