On-Site Solar Power Policies and Incentives: Where?s the Money?

Distinguished speakers from AltaTerra Research and the Solar Electric Industry Association will discuss on March 17 how solar energy policies are motivating business customers to “go solar” and what policy changes can be expected in the future.

AltaTerra Research is pleased to announce the online briefing, "On-Site Solar Power Policies and Incentives: Where’s the Money?" to be held Thursday, March 17 at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern. Registration is open for the live online briefing, and for post-event access to the briefing on demand, at www.altaterra.net/event/solarincentives.

For most companies and organizations considering rooftop or other on-site solar in the U.S. today, government economic incentives strongly influence when, how, and whether or not to "go solar" at a particular facility. For solar energy product and service providers, the state and federal policy environment is crucial to determining which markets will be the most active. In this online briefing, attendees will learn how customers evaluate incentives, how incentives and policies have evolved, and what policy and incentive changes can be expected in the future.

Eric Paul, analyst at AltaTerra Research, opens the session with an overview and outlook for federal and state support for distributed renewable energy systems. Jeff Wolfe, chair of the Photovoltaics (PV) division of the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) and CEO of groSolar, provides a perspective on how commercial, institutional, and industrial customers evaluate solar project opportunities. Mr. Wolfe will be joined by a speaker from SEIA’s Government Affairs division discussing the current state of play and legislative agenda in Washington.

"On-site solar energy policies and incentives are driving growth in the solar industry. California and New Jersey’s advantageous solar policies have helped them become the largest solar markets in America. Now other states across the country are beginning to follow suit,” said Jon Guice, managing director of research at AltaTerra Research. “We are delighted to have Jeffery Wolfe, head of one of North America’s oldest and most geographically diversified solar energy distributors and installers , to provide unique insight into how customers are actually deploying solar energy systems and which policies have been the most effective at stimulating the market."

AltaTerra Research Briefings are designed to provide independent professional education on critical market developments in efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable business. Recognized experts from the business community, institutions, and government share information and insights in an accessible conference session format that is interactive and non-sponsored. Briefings typically begin with an overview, then move into greater detail, and close with a moderated audience question-and-answer (Q&A) period. After the live briefing, on-demand access to the recording, including audio and presentations, will be provided to attendees and available for sale.

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