Winwind?s Delivery Wind Power Projects Progressing Smoothly

WinWinD completed the extension installation project at the Aulepa Wind Farm in Estonia, in January. The Estonian wind farm runs on 3 MW wind turbines having rotors of 100 m diameter and 100 m tall hybrid towers. Aulepa has sixteen of these wind turbines. WinWinD performed the installations in the late evening when the winds calmed down.

Uljabuouda Wind Farm in the Swedish Lapland has 10 wind turbines, each with a rated power of 3MW. WinWinD delivered four of these turbines in 2009 and the rest in 2010. In the second phase of the project, Uljabuouda cleared the 500 h trial runs. These trials were performed under windy, icy weather conditions that are typical of this area and the ice prevention system of WinWinD prevented formation of ice on the turbine blades, allowing the wind turbines to run.