World?s largest offshore wind farm is in the UK

Swedish company Vattenfall announced that the Thanet wind farm, the world’s largest offshore wind power facility, was completed in the UK.

Placed at about 12 km from Foreness Point (Kent), the plant is equipped with 100, 3 MW wind turbines from Vestas, for a total capacity of 300 MW, and covers a surface of 35 square km in waters reaching a depth of 25 metres.

Its construction, which began in 2008, plays a key role for the targets that the UK has set in the field of renewables. Indeed, once it will be operational, the Thanet wind energy plant will increase by 30% the country’s total offshore wind capacity, meeting the electricity needs of around 200 thousand households. The overall investment amounted to £780 million (934 million euros).

Vattenfall acquired the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm project in November 2008. Construction was completed September 2010. There are 100 Vestas V90 wind turbines that have a total capacity of 300 MW. This is sufficient to supply more than 200,000 homes per year with clean energy.

It is the largest operational offshore wind farm anywhere in the world. It will make a significant contribution to the Government’s national and regional renewable energy targets.

The Thanet project is located approximately 12 km off Foreness Point, the most eastern part of Kent. Some elements of the onshore construction work commenced at the former Richborough power station in January 2008 where the onshore substation is located.

Vattenfall is one of the biggest wind power operators in Britain and is the fifth largest energy producer in Europe. The Kentish Flats wind farm off Herne Bay/Whitstable, Kent is also owned by Vattenfall.

An Environmental Impact Assessment has been prepared to determine the effects on the local environment. The scope of these studies has been agreed with the appropriate government and environmental bodies.