FAA Gives Cape Wind Power Final OK; Opponents? Petitions Rejected by Agency

Cape Wind Communications Director Mark Rodgers said, “We are pleased that the FAA has finalized its approval of Cape Wind farm so that we can move forward in creating jobs, increasing energy independence and make Massachusetts a global leader in offshore wind power.”

Cape Wind’s environmental and economic benefits and have been verified in a comprehensive permitting review which has been concluded with Federal and State agencies determining that Cape Wind is in the public interest. Cape Wind has also cleared its navigation reviews with the FAA and with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Also this week, Cape Wind’s amended long term Power Purchase Agreement with National Grid has been found to be in the ‘public interest’ by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley who has recommended that it be approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

Cape Wind’s is America’s first offshore wind farm to secure Federal and State approval. Cape Wind will create jobs and promote greater energy independence and a cleaner environment. Cape Wind will also establish Massachusetts as a leader in offshore wind power.