?The Chopper” – The Next Generation of Wind Turbines

The inventor of this new wind turbine, Canadian engineer Dan Bostan, explains its advantages compared to the wind turbines currently in use:

"The major shortcoming of the current wind turbines is that only about half of the wind force is used to rotate the turbine and generate electricity. The other half is actually working against us – as it applies strong forces against the propeller, the tower and the base. This not only reduces the electrical output of the turbine but also affects the lifespan of the blades and requires a more expensive infrastructure (tower and base). All this leads to an increased cost of the wind generated energy."

“The new turbine reduces the air resistance dramatically, says Bostan, through a rather simple solution: each pair of blades of the turbine is mounted on a horizontal shaft at 90 degrees one of the other. The shaft has two vertical pins, one on each side of the tower, that block the active blade in a vertical position facing the wind. Meanwhile, the passive blade is being turned up in a horizontal position so to oppose a minimum surface to the wind, thus minimizing the drag (air resistance)”.