ETV Motors? Management Goes Head to Head with George Gilder

George Gilder, whose acclaimed Gilder Technology Report has been called the most influential publication of its kind on Wall Street, visited Israel this week to conduct research for the next edition of his best-selling book "The Israel Test". The book analyzes the remarkable achievements of that country’s business, and in particular its technology, entrepreneurs and scientists. 

Mr. Gilder, a leading and influential author, philosopher and business guru, met in Tel Aviv with senior management of ETV Motors to hear about the company’s advanced battery technology for electric vehicles. Company officials outlined the progress ETV Motors’ scientists have achieved in developing a new Lithium Ion battery technology.

“The company believes it is on target for a 2x performance improvement over the state of the art. In a highly competitive and strategically vital field like batteries, I believe this could represent a truly game-changing breakthrough, the kind that can alter the direction of an industry,” said Gilder.

“I was struck by the caliber and determination of the people behind the company. The world needs top-notch technology of the kind under development at ETV Motors,” he said.

“Anyone who knows Mr. Gilder’s writings, his background and achievements,” said ETV Motors chief executive Dror Ben David, “will appreciate what an experience it was to meet with him and to discuss strategic technology issues. We are honored by Mr. Gilder’s attention and insights.”

ETV Motors Ltd., established in 2008 and based in Herzliya at the heart of Israel’s Silicon Valley, develops advanced energy generation and storage technologies for automotive and other applications. The company’s innovative High5ive™ automotive battery cells are characterized by high energy-density, high power-density and high voltage.

They deliver at least twice the energy of the best competing cells so that batteries built from these cells will be smaller, more affordable, and offer twice the driving range of other Lithium Ion batteries. ETV Motors’ new eTeg™ ultra-clean microturbine is an environmentally sound, economically attractive and efficient energy-generating solution for Extended Range Electric Vehicles.

The electric vehicles (EVs) of the future will be Extended-Range Electric Vehicles (EREVs).

This series-hybrid propulsion architecture relies on an on-board charger operating at its optimal working point to charge the vehicle’s Lithium Ion battery beyond its plug-in range. (We have illustrated the basic principles of Range-Extended EVs in this animation.)

The promise of turbines as an energy source for motor vehicles has been recognized for decades. However the variable power demand of conventional drive trains has made its implementation impractical owing to the low efficiencies obtained from turbines at variable speeds.

With the emergence of EREVs, it is now possible to leverage the inherent advantages of turbines to realize energy-efficient and low-emission alternative energy propulsion systems.

The ETV Motors team, with a proven track record in both energy generation and storage, has set out to significantly expand the present performance envelopes of the critical EREV components. The company is developing high efficiency, dual-power microturbines and high-voltage lithium ion batteries.

This profound understanding of the respective performance characteristics of the optimized components will facilitate their integration into an unparalleled EREV propulsion platform.