Wind power have provided a record 3.7% of New Zealand?s electricity

“This is a record level of wind turbines generation for a 12 month period – up 45% from the same twelve month period last year,” says Fraser Clark, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Wind Energy Association.

“With three new wind farms expected to come online in the next twelve months, and further sites under investigation, wind energy’s contribution is set to grow substantially. Wind farms are expected to supply 20% of New Zealand’s electricity by 2030.”

“Energy is vital to any economic activity – be it producing milk powder or creating award winning 3-D movies. Using New Zealand’s natural, renewable resources to provide this energy gives us a competitive economic advantage while also enhancing our clean, green reputation.

“Energy supply is not without risks, as the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrates.

“New wind farm generation will play a critical role in minimising the risks associated with the supply and price of fuel for electricity generation – which is essential if New Zealand is to maximise its economic and productivity growth in coming years.

“Wind farm development also creates the immediate benefit of investment and jobs in regional economies. TrustPower expects the development of Mahinerangi wind farm, in the Clutha District, to result in $12 million flowing directly into the local economy. Stage 3 of Tararua wind farm, operating since 2007, is estimated to inject $4 million annually into the Manawatu economy through operations, maintenance and landowner royalties,” concludes Mr Clark.

NZWEA is an industry association that works towards the development of wind as a reliable, sustainable, clean and commercially viable energy source. We aim to fairly represent wind energy to the public, government and the energy sector. Our members include about 80 companies involved in New Zealand’s wind energy sector, including electricity generators, wind farm developers, lines companies, wind turbine manufacturers, consulting firms, researchers and law firms.