Gamesa and Cannon Power agreement to build wind farms in Mexico?s Baja California

Aubanel Wind Power Project will start with the development of 70 MW to 100 MW in phase one, in the coming twelve months. Gamesa and developer Cannon Power agree to long-term supply agreement to build wind farms in Mexico’s Baja California.

Gamesa and Developer Cannon Power have agreed to a 10-year exclusivity agreement, stipulating that Gamesa will supply all of the wind turbines installed at wind farm sites developed by Cannon in the Mexico’s Baja California. Also Gamesa will provide additional support and maintenance services, and limited development services.

Cannon Power Group’s wind energy development pipeline in Mexico’s Baja California currently totalling 1,000 MW at various stages of development.

“Cannon Power Group is one of the most experienced wind project developers in the renewable energy market, so we are very pleased to collaborate with them on this project,” said Dirk Matthys, Gamesa’s CEO in North America.

“This exciting new relationship will further strengthen Gamesa’s leadership in the Mexican market where we already have a substantial presence.” “This will be a win-win for Mexico and the United States”, said Gary Hardke, Cannon Power Group’s president and managing director. “We envision this as a major cross-border project that can stimulate the region’s economy and provide enough clean energy for over 250,000 households.”

Aubanel Wind Project

Aubanel Wind, the first wind farm project, will start with the development of 70 MW to 100 MW in phase one. Groundbreaking at this wind farm is scheduled to occur sometime in the next 12 months, with additional construction taking place over the next three to four years, with planned installed capacity totalling 500 MW in this first phase.

Aubanel Wind Project will be one of the largest wind power sites in North America, consisting of over 140 square miles. It is located near the town of La Rumorosa, approximately 60 miles east of San Diego and 15 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Gamesa in the US

Gamesa started wind turbines operations in the US in 2005. It has two manufacturing plants in Pennsylvania employing 1,000 people, with combined production capacity of 1,200 MW.

Gamesa specializes in developing technologies to further energy sustainability, mainly wind energy. It is a leader in Spain and is positioned among the world’s wind turbine manufacturers.

Gamesa has installed over 18,000 MW of wind turbine capacity worldwide. Those wind turbines’ annual output amounts 4 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) per year and avoids close to 27 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Gamesa is also a world leader in the development, construction and sale of wind farms, having installed over 3,600 MW, and it owns a portfolio of 22,000 MW of wind farms at varying stages of development in Europe, America and Asia.

The company employs over 6,300 people worldwide and has production facilities in Europe, the USA, China and India with a total capacity of 4,400 MW per year.

Celebrating its 30th year as renewable energy pioneers, San Diego-based Cannon Power Group has developed constructed, operated and maintained more than 30 utility-scale wind energy projects in the U.S., India, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Croatia.

Currently, Cannon has over 3,000 megawatts of wind projects and over 1,500 megawatts of solar projects in various stages of development in Europe and western North America.