EDF? solar photovoltaic quadrupled in 2009

Solar power installed capacity up fourfold in 2009. 220 MWp in service or under construction at year-end 2009.

Overall, capacity in service or under construction at year-end 2009 came to 219.7 MWp, compared to 49.9 MWp at end-2008. Thus the Group substantially exceeded the target it announced at the beginning of 2009 of 100 MWp to 150 MWp in service or under construction.

During the second half of 2009, EDF Energies Nouvelles commissioned 53.3 MWp in gross capacity (49.2 MWp net) for its own account, mainly in Italy, Canada and France.

The second six months of the year saw the commissioning of some large ground-based facilities, such as the La Roseraye plant on Reunion Island (10.5 MWp) and the Arnprior plant in Canada (23.4 MWp).

In France, the ground-based power plants at Sainte Tulle (4.1 MWp) and Manosque (3.9 MWp) were also commissioned in the Alpes de Haute Provence department.

In Italy, the 3.1 MWp Santa Sofia facility entered service in Umbria, along with seven other plants with capacity ranging between 0.8 MWp and 1 MWp.

In the United States, EDF Energies Nouvelles, via its enXco subsidiary, commissioned its fifth solar project in New Jersey, a 1.8 MWp groundbased facility.

At 31 December 2009, the Group had 80.9 MWp in service (including 68.2 MWp for its own account) compared with 20.8 MWp at 31 December 2008.

In addition, EDF Energies Nouvelles sold ground-based and roof array projects as part of its DSSA activities, including the 5.1 MWp ground-based Mangassaye facility commissioned on Reunion Island and 11.6 MWp in roof array projects in France (on industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings).

At 31 December 2009, the Group’s solar capacity under construction for its own account and for third parties came to 138.8 MWp, up from 29.1 MWp at year-end 2008.

Most of these projects are located in France, Spain and Italy. In France, construction work continued on the Gabardan ground-based solar farm in the Landes department (76 MWp in total), partly for the Group’s own account and partly for third parties. Overall, 57.2 MWp in capacity was under construction in France at 31 December 2009, including 31.2 MWp for third parties.

In Italy, construction of large-scale power plants began during the second half of 2009, notably including work on the 13.5 MWp Priolo and 12.6 MWp Loreo facilities. All in all, 20 projects were under construction at 31 December 2009, representing 47.2 MWp in total capacity.

In Spain, construction work began during the second half on two projects with 11.4 MWp and 5.5 MWp in capacity. In sum, a total of 28.3 MWp in capacity was under construction at 31 December 2009.

The pace of EDF Energies Nouvelles’ expansion in the solar photovoltaic segment is on track to meet the Group’s objective of having 500 MWp in net installed capacity by year-end 2012.

EDF Energies Nouvelles announces the commissioning of the Nord Bassin de Thau and Les Barthes wind farms in France, with an installed capacity respectively of 26 MW and 12 MW. Located in the Haute-Loire department, Les Barthes wind farm consists of six wind turbines, with a unit capacity of 2 MW, supplied by manufacturer Enercon.

Nord Bassin de Thau wind farm is based in the Hérault department and comprises thirteen wind turbines, with a wind power capacity of 2 MW, supplied by manufacturer REpower.

These new achievements complete the 95 MW already commissioned by EDF Energies Nouvelles in France in 2009. At 31 December 2009 the Group installed wind power capacity in the country represented 481 MW gross, including 112 MW from the DSSA business.

With operations in Europe and North America, EDF Energies Nouvelles is a market leader in green electricity production. With a development focused on wind energy for several years and more recently on solar photovoltaic, the Group is also present in other segments of the renewable energies market: small hydro, marine energy, biomass, biofuel and biogas. In addition, the Group is expanding in the distributed renewable energies sector.

EDF Energies Nouvelles, 50 %-owned by the EDF Group, is listed in Euronext Paris since November 2006 (code "EEN", ISIN code: FR0010400143).