EV: What?s Coming, When

Key terms: EV: Electric Vehicle, PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (includes Range Extended Electric Vehicles), AER: All-electric range, AVAILABLE: can be ordered by the general public and units are shipping now, Mule: development vehicle, normally in body of existing vehicle, can be driven to test key components, SOC: state-of-charge

Audi, A1 Sportback, PHEV: 5 door, 4 passenger, AER 31-62 mi (normal vs efficiency mode), 0-60 mph 8 sec, top speed 120 mph, 20kW electric motor, 1.4L engine. Efficiency mode has slower acceleration and all-electric speed to 62 mph. Target Intro: 2011
Progress: concept car at Paris Motor Show 2008.

Audi, e-tron, EV: 2 door sports car based on the R8, 2 passenger, range 248 km (154 mi), 0-62mph 4.8 sec, top speed 200 km/h (124mph), 42.4 kWh Li-ion battery pack, 4 hub motors with a combined output of 230kW. Target Intro: Not Yet Announced. Progress: Concept car unveiled at 2009 Franfurt Motor Show.

BMW, MINI E, EV: Conversion of MINI 2-door hardtop to 2-seat EV with drivetrain & battery from AC Propulsion, range 150 mi, top speed 95 mph, 35 kWh Li-ion battery back uses 5000+ laptop style batteries, 150kW electric motor, 220Nm torque, 3-4.5 hr recharge on fast charge (240V 48A/32A), 26.5 hr on 120V 12A, wt 3230 lbs. Target Intro: no plan announced for mass production. Progress: Trial fleet of 500 cars in US on 1-year leases to general public, first car delivered on lease May 22, 2009.

BMW, Vision PHEV: Vision EfficientDynamics, all-new design 2-door 4 seater, 31 mi AER, total range 400 mi, 0-60 mph 4.8 sec, top speed 155 mph, recharge 2.5 hr on 240V, 2 electric motors (1 each axle), 356 hp, 560 lb-ft peak, 1.5L 3-cyclinder turbo diesel engine, 3000+ lbs, Cd 0.22. Target Intro: no plan announced for mass production. Progress: concept car shown at Frankfurt Auto Show.

BYD Auto, e6 EV: 4 door crossover, 5 passenger, range 400 km (249 mi), 0-60mph 8 sec, top speed 100 mph, BYD Li-ion Fe battery, 10 min recharge to 50% SOC, 4 power combinations using front & rear motors on some models: 75kW, 75+40kW, 160kW, 160+40kW. Target Intro: China 2009, Europe 2010, US 2011. Progress: demo units now.

BYD Auto, F3DM, PHEV: AER 60 mi, total range 250 mi, 1L engine, base price 149,800 yuan ($22,000), Warren Buffet invested $230M for 10% of BYD’s parent, car company is also a battery maker, 130k workers, formerly government run Qingchuan company, located in Shenzen, China. Target intro: China 2009, Europe 2011, & US 2010. Progress: Sold 31 first 7 months of 2009, now selling to govt fleets.

Chery Automobile Co., S18, EV: Alternatively referred to as M1 and S18 by Chery, 4-door, 5-seater (this is a compact), range 150km (93 mi), top speed 120 km per hour, 336V 40kWh ferric phosphate lithium battery pack, recharge 4-6 hr or 30 min to 80% with special charger, per Chery VP of new energy vehicle operations, will introduce in June 2010 and expects to sell about 30,000 S18s within three or four years, will cost as much as 130,000 yuan ($19,000). Target Intro: China June 2010. Progress: prototype "off production line" in early 2009.

Chrysler, Dodge Circuit, EV: Restyled from Lotus Europa as EV, 0-60 mph 5 sec, range 150-200 mi, top speed > 120 mph, rear-wheel drive, 200kW motor, dual voltage onboard charger, (120V /15A, 240V/30A). Target Intro: US 2010. Progress: prototype

Chrysler, Town & Country, PHEV: 7 passenger minivan, AER 40 mile, 0-60 mph about 8 sec, top speed 100 mph, dual voltage onboard charger (120V /15A, 240V/30A), 200kW electric motor, front-wheel drive. Target Intro: US by 2013. Progress: prototype.

Chrysler, Jeep Patriot, PHEV: 5-passenger SUV, 2 & 4-wheel drive electric drive, AER 40 mi, total range 400 mi, 0-60 mph 8 sec, top speed > 100 mph, 150 kW (200 hp), gas engine produces 45 kW (60 hp) continuous power for driving, dual voltage onboard charger, (120V /15A, 240V/30A). Target Intro: US by 2013. Progress: prototype.

Chrysler, Jeep, Wrangler Unlimited, PHEV: 5-passenger, two-wheel electric drive, AER 40 mi, total range 400 mi, 0-60 mph 9 sec, top speed > 90 mph, 200 kW (268 hp) electric motor, solid axles front & rear, onboard charger, 120V/15A & 240V/30A. Target Intro: US by 2013. Progress: prototype.

Chrysler, 200C, PHEV: 4 door, 4 seater, rear drive, based on shortened version of 300C, AER 40 mi, total range 400 mi, 0-60 7 sec, top speed 125 mph, 150 kW (200 hp), gas engine produces 55 kW (74 hp) continuous power for driving, dual voltage onboard charger, (120V /15A, 240V/30A). Target Intro: US by 2013. Progress: concept.

Citroën, REVOLTE, PHEV: Compact 3-seater city car, said to be inspired by the famous 2CV, Li-ion battery, electric motor, and small gas engine, photovoltaic cells cover the hood to support climate controls, combines luxury and fun styles, designed to resemble a lounge, measures 3.68 m long, 1.73 m wide and 1.35 m tall. Target Intro: not plans announced. Progress: concept unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Coda Automotive, CODA Sedan, EV: Formerly the Miles Electric Vehicles XS500, 4-door, 5 seater, mid-size sedan, range 90-120 mi, top speed 85 mph, 333V Li-ion battery, onboard charger 120V/240V, recharge < 6 hr at 240V. Coda is a new company formed to develop & market a re-engineered sedan from the Hafei Saibao, to be built in China by Hafei, Coda in JV with Lishen Battery, price $45,000. Target Intro: California test fleet mid-2010, public delivery fall 2010. Progress: demonstrator.

Commuter Cars, Tango T600, EV: Unique 2 passenger car, inline seating, range 40-200 mi depending on battery choice, 0-60 in 4+ sec, retail price $108,000 for kit with some assembly required by customer, located in Spokane, WA. Target Intro: US. Progress: Some cars delivered, stated 4 month wait for new orders.

Daimler, Smart ED (Electric Drive), EV: Conversion of Smart Fortwo to all-electric. Smart began life as Swatch car in 1998, and was first converted into EV form in 2006, range 72 mi (sodium/nickel chloride battery) & 90+ mi (Li-ion battery), 0-37 mph 5.7 sec, top speed 70 mph, 30 kW / 41 hp, now upgrading w Li-ion batteries from Tesla Motors. Smart EV product manager Pitt Moos says Daimler will "start to produce 5-digit-volumes as of 2012". Target Intro: 2012. Progress: testing 100 cars in London, will test up to 1000 in Italy & Germany late 2009, USA 2nd half 2010. Daimler says Smart ED "is ready for small series production".

Daimler, Mercedes Benz Blue Zero, PHEV: Concept car called "BlueZero E-Cell", described with EV & PHEV versions, EV range 120 mi, 35 kWh battery pack, PHEV total range 360 mi, PHEV adds a 67-hp 3-cylinder engine from the Smart ForTwo mounted in the rear and uses a 18kWh battery pack. Target Intro: no model specified, announced low volume production of an EV in 2010. Progress: unveiled at 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Daimler, Mercedes Benz S500 Vision, PHEV: Luxury sedan based on the popular S-class, AER 19 mi (30km), 10kWh Li-ion battery, 44kW (60HP) electric motor with a 3.5L V6 petrol engine, and 73 mph (3.2L/100km). Target Intro: Not yet announced, expected with next generation S-class. Progress: prototype unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Daimler, Mercedes Benz SLS eDrive, EV: Sports car with 4 hub motors with a combined output of 392kW and 880Nm of torque. Daimler claims the vehicle will accelerate from 0-62mph in four seconds. A liquid-cooled 48kWh batter pack will run down the center of the underbody. No official range estimates have been announced yet. Target Intro: Not Officially Announced (possibly 2015). Progress: unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Detroit Electric, e63, EV: ZAP & China Youngman Automotive Group resurrected name but failed to raise planned equity and sold to Albert Lam (current majority owner, Detroit CEO & ZAP Board member) & investors for $750,000 and North American distribution rights. Licensing Persona and Gen 2 & contract manufacting from Proton. Persona based e63: 4-speed, range 112 mi, 0-62 mph < 8 sec, top speed 112 mph, 25kWh Li-ion battery, curb wt 2743 lbs, $23,000-$33,000. Target Intro: 2010. Progress: demo cars driven at Protron’s Malaysia test facility for Press.

Fisker, Karma, PHEV: 50 mi AER, 0-60 mph < 6 sec, 150 mph top speed, luxury 4-door, base price $87,900, electric drivetrain by Quantum Technologies, battery deals with EnerDel & Advanced Lithium Power, GM supplying 260-hp, 2.0L turbocharged Ecotec engine, sales forecasts 7,500 in 2010 & 15,000 in 2011. Manufacturing by Valment Automotive of Finland. Karma Sunset hardtop convertible due 2011, company located in Irvine, CA. Target Intro: May-Jun 2010. Progress: prototypes in test now, 1400 pre orders & 26 dealerships signed up. Public track demo scheduled at Laguna Seca on Aug 15 2009.

Ford, Escape, PHEV: Based on 5-seater Escape SUV, AER 40 mi, top speed 102 mph, Li-ion 10kWh battery pack, 6-8 hr recharge time on standard 120V/15A outlet, 120 mpg over first 30-40 mi range in mixed city/hwy driving, 3,900 lbs. Target Intro: US 2012. Progress: Fleet testing now.

Ford, Focus, EV: Based on next generation Focus, converted by Magna International, range 100 mi, Ford converting SUV factory to build Focus models, including Electric Focus. In Jan 09, Ford announced "Ford will start out by producing 10,000 cars". Target Intro: US 2011. Progress: protype.

General Motors, Chevrolet Volt, PHEV: 4-door hatchback, 4-seater, front wheel drive, AER 40 mi, total range 400 mi, top speed 100 mph,16kWh Li-ion battery from LG Chem, 150 hp electric motor, 1.4L gas engine generates electricity only (no direct connection to wheels), first year production 7-10k units, cost near $40,000. Target Intro: US Nov 2010. Progress: First pre-production car on the road June 2009.

General Motors, Opel, Ampera, PHEV: Shared platform with Chevy Volt, AER 60 km, total range 500 km, 0-100 km/h about 9 sec, top speed 160 km/h, 16 kWh battery pack, recharge on 230V household outlet, 1.4L gasoline engine, same E-Flex propulsion as Volt. Target Intro: Europe 2011. Progress: concept debuted at Geneva Motor Show 2009.

General Motors, Cadillac, Converj, PHEV: Concept luxury car, AER 40 mi, 16kWh Li-ion battery, using Voltec drivetrain, recharge time 8 hr on 120V, 3 hr on 240V. Target Intro: no announcement. Progress: concept revealed at 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Heuliez, WILL, EV: French coach builder in collaboration with Michelin & Orange, Opel Agila body, 4 Michelin in-hub wheel motors, has 2 trunks (front/rear), Three battery options for range of 150km/93 mi, 300km/186 mi, or 400km/249 mi, price target 20k-25k euro. Target Intro: 2010. Progress: concept, Heuliez currently under court insolvency protection.

Hyundai, Blue-Will, PHEV: 4-door hatchback, new body design, AER 38 mi, LG Chem Li-ion battery, 100kW electric motor, 1.6L gas engine, combined electric motor and gas engine power are 152 hp, continuously variable transmission (CVT), est. 50-55 mpg in hybrid mode after AER driving. Target Intro: 2012. Progress: concept unveiled at Seoul.

Hyundai, i10 Electric, EV: EV version of Hyundai’s i10 5-door hatchback 5-seater city car, range 160km (100 mi), top speed > 130km (80 mph), 0-60 mph 15 sec, 16 kWh LG Chem Li-ion polymer battery, recharge 240V less than 5 hr or 415V recharge to 85% SOC in 15 min, 49 kW (66 hp) electric motor, 155 ft-lb torque. Target Intro: Korea second half of 2010, globally 2012. Progress: concept unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Lightning Car Company, GT, EV: Hand built exotic car, range target 188 mi/300 km, 0-60 mph < 4 sec, top speed 130mph, 30 Altair Nano batteries, can recharge in 10 minutes, four in-hub 120kW wheel motors, body made from carbon fiber and Kevlar composites, led by former head of Rolls-Royce / Bentley, price £ 120,000. Target Intro: Spring 2010. Progress: concept car launched at 2008 British Motor Show.

Loremo, Loremo EV: LOwREsistanceMObility, no doors, instead front swings open for passengers to step in, 2+2 seating, range 95 mi, top speed 106 mph, 20kW rear mounted electric motor, 2 speed manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive, target less than 30,000 euro. Target Intro: EU in 2011, no US target yet. Progress: concept car.

Lumeneo, SMERA, EV: Ultra narrow tilting 4-wheel vehicle with two inline seats, 90 mi range, top speed 80 mph, 0-60 mph 8 sec, 10kWh Li-ion battery pack, two 15kW DC electric motors power rear wheels, torque total 1000 Nm, electric motors tilt vehicle to a max of 25 deg, doors open from back, weight 992 lbs, length 2.5m, width 0.82m, price $24,500 euros. Target Intro: France 2009, EU 2010. Progress: Selling in Paris.

Mindset AG, Mindset, PHEV: Ultra-lightweight hybrid vehicle with roof-mounted solar panels, gullwing doors, designed by former VW head of design Murat Günak, AER 100-200km based on driving style (ECE avg 180km), total range 800km, 20kWh battery pack, recharge 1-4 hr (depending on charger used), 70kW electric motor, 1-cyliner 17kW gas engine, front-wheel drive, price 50,000 euros. Target Intro: 2010. Progress: prototype built by Heuliez is driving.

Mitsubishi, iMiEV, EV: 4-door hatchback body of current gas model, range 100 mi, top speed 81 mph, 330V 16 kWh Li-ion battery from Yuasa & Mitsubishi JV, offboard 200V 50 kW charger 30 minutes 80% SOC, onboard charger 120V/240V 15A for 7-14 hr recharge, 47 kW motor, weight 1,100 kg, LED headlamps, MSRP JPY 4,500K pre-tax (approx $47.5K), target 1,400 cars in Japan in fiscal 2009 and 5000 cars for US & EU (sales via Peugeot Citroen PSA) in 2010. Target Intro: Japan fleet lease began Jul 2009, private sales in Japan Apr 2010, US & EU 2010. Progress: Lease program announced June 2009, fleet testing in Japan & US now.

NICE, Micro-Vett e500 (Fiat), EV: Joint effort between Fiat and NICE, 4 seater, range 75 mi, top speed 60 mph, Li-ion polymer batteries. Target Intro: UK then Europe. Progress: No longer on NICE or Fiat websites – no update.

Nissan, LEAF, EV: 5-seater, 4-door hatchback, prototype based on Versa/Tida platform, low drag coefficient, range 100 mi, top speed > 90 mph, 80kW electric motor, proprietary Nissan/NEC Li-ion battery, recharge < 8 hr on 100V, fast charge to 80% SOC in 30 min, $28k-$30k price. Planning for mass production for US & Japan in 2010, with initial sales in states with local state or city agreements in place to deploy charging infrastructure. Target Intro: US & Asia in fleets & limited areas 2010, globally 2012. Progress: publicly unveiled prototype Aug 2, 2009. Testing mules publicly.

Peugeot, iOn, EV: Small four-door city car based on the Mitsubishi iMiEV. Expected have have 80mi range. Target Intro: 2010. Progress: Prototype unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Phoenix Motorcars, Phoenix SUT, EV: 4 door SUT from Korean automaker, range 100 mi, top speed 95 mph, 0-60 mph 10 sec, 35 kWh AltairNano battery pack, fast recharge 10 min to 90% SOC w offboard 250kW charger, recharge 5-6 hrs w onboard 6.6 kW charger, 1000 lb payload capacity. Target Intro: 2008 to fleets, 2010 to public. Progress: demo & test vehicles. Production still pending. In chapter 11 restructuring May 2009.

Phoenix Motorcars, Phoenix SUV, EV: 4 door SUV from Korean automaker, range 100 mi, top speed 95 mph, 0-60 mph 10 sec, 35 kWh AltairNano battery pack, fast recharge 10 min to 90% SOC w offboard 250kW charger, 5-6 hrs w onboard 6.6 kW charger, 700 lb payload capacity. Target Intro: 2008 to fleets, 2010 to public. Progress: demo & test vehicles. Production still pending. In chapter 11 restructuring May 2009.

Pininfarina-Bolloré, BLUECAR aka B0, EV: Pininfarina & Bolloré joint venture, 4-door hatchback, 5-seater, range 155 mi, top speed 81 mph, uses Li-ion batteries & ultracapacitors, recharge 8 hr, quick charge option available. To be built by Bollore in France & Canada. Sales planned in Europe in 2010, production up to 2,000 cars in 2011 and up to 10,000 per year by 2013. Lease option planned at 333 euro per month. Target Intro: 2010. Progress: concept.

Renault, Fluence ZE, EV: Family sedan, range 100 mi, standard recharge 4-8 hr, quick charge 20 min, “Quickdrop” battery exchange option, using a new body to be introduced in gasoline version in 2009, Renault expects initial production at 20-40,000 units. Target Intro: Europe Mar 29, 2012. Progress: Concept unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Renault, Kangoo ZE, EV: Compact commercial van, range 100 mi, top speed 130 kph (81 mph), standard recharge 4-8 hr, quick charge 20 min, “Quickdrop” battery exchange option, 70kW electric motor, 226 Nm of torque, curb weight 1520 kg, multizone climate control includes heated steering wheel, other unique concept features include polyurethane gel bumpers. Target Intro: Europe Mar 29, 2012. Progress: concept car unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Renault, Zoe ZE, EV: Compact coupe, range 100 mi, standard recharge 4-8 hr, quick charge 20 min, “Quickdrop” battery exchange option, 70kW electric motor. Target Intro: Europe Mar 29, 2012. Progress: concept car unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

REVA, NXG, EV: Named for "NeXt Generation", two-seater with a targa roof, designed by Dilip Chhabria, top speed of 130 kmph (81mph), range of 200 km (124 mi), reserves a % of battery capacity for emergency range extension, purchase and lease options, 23,000 euros excluding battery cost in European market, prices of both models in Indian to be announced in 2010. Target Intro: Europe & India 2011. Progress: car unveiled in 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show.

REVA, NXR, EV: Named for "NeXt Reva", four-seat, three-door hatchback family car suitable for urban driving. NXR Intercity top speed 104 kmph (65mph), range 160 km (99 mi), Li-ion battery. NXR City top speed 80 kmph, range 80 km, lead acid battery. Recharge Li-ion model 8 hr on standard charging, 90 min on quick charger, reserves a % of battery capacity for emergency range extension, purchase and lease options, 14,995 euros excluding battery in European market. Target Intro: Europe & India 2010. Progress: car unveiled in 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show.

SEAT, León TwinDrive, PHEV: Debuted at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show, working with parent company Volkswagen, AER 50 km (31 mi), electric mode top speed 100 km/hr (62mph), Li-ion battery pack stored in the trunk, 35kW electric motor. Target Intro: no formal announcement, SEAT says likely 2014. Progress: concept car.

Subaru, R1e, EV: 2-seater, range 50 mi, top speed 65 mph, Li-ion batteries capable of 15 min quick charging to 80% SOC, displayed at the 2008 New York Auto Show, it has been in various test programs in Japan since 2006. Target Intro: No production plans announced, denoted "concept" by Subaru. Progress: test cars in Japan, NYC, scattered locations.

Subaru, Stella EV, EV: Conversion of mini-car Stella, 4-door, range 50 mi, top speed of 62 mph, 9.2 kWh lithium-ion battery, recharge 5 hr 240V or 120V, quick-charge to 80% SOC 15 min, 47 kW motor, 125 lb-ft torque, continuously variable transmission, 2,227 lbs, $45,500-$47,600 before Japanese govt incentives, drivetrain evoloved from the R1e. Target Intro: For sale in Japan 2009 as 170 fleet cars. Progress: deliveries begin Aug 2009.

Tata Motors, Indica EV, EV: 4-seater, range 200 km, 0-60 kmph < 10 sec, polymer Li-ion batteries, joint venture between TMETC (Tata) and Miljobil Greland (Tata owns 50.3% of the Norwegian EV tech company) & possible input from Electrovaya, to be built by Miljobil. Target Intro: Europe 2009. Progress: displayed at several intl auto shows, cars being tested in Norway.

Tesla Motors, Roadster, EV: High performance 2-seater sports car, range 220 mi, 0-60 mph 3.9 sec, top speed 125 mph, liquid cooled 56 kWh Li-ion battery module using 6831 laptop cells, recharge about 3.5 hr using high power charger, can also recharge at 120V & 240V lower current, 375V AC induction air-cooled electric motor, 248 peak hp, 276 ft/lbs of torque, restyled from Lotus Elise, body built by Lotus in the UK, drivetrain integration in US. Base price $109,000 plus options. Target Intro: USA 2008, Canada & Europe Q4 2009. Progress: now selling in US, opening stores in London, Munich, Monaco + 5 US cities in 2009.

Tesla Motors, Model S, EV: New ground-up 4-door, 7-seat design, aka White Star, range 150 mi, 230 mi & 300 mi (based on battery option), 0-60 in 5.5 sec (sport version < 5 sec), top speed 130 mph, recharge @ home in 4 hr, fast charge ability in 45 min, coefficient of drag 0.25, base price of 150 mi model $57,400 & weighs 4,000 lbs. To begin in 2011 with 2,000 cars followed by 12,000 cars in 2012 and full capacity of 20,000 cars a year by 2013, approved for $365M D.O.E. loan.

Th!nk, City, EV: City car, 2+2 seating, range 180km (both based on MES DEA Zebra battery), top speed 100km/hr, other battery options to include Li-ion from A123 & EnerDel, ABS brakes, airbags, body is ABS recycled plastic, steel & extruded aluminum frames, granted first pan-European homologation for an EV, seeking to build factory in US for 2010 volume of 2500 cars, emerged from bankruptcy and raised $47M to resume production. available now in Norway & others. Target Intro: USA 2010, now shipping in Norway, selling now in Europe to Th!nk rated "EV friendly cities".

Th!nk, O, EV: aka Ox, 5-seat, 4-door hatchback, range 125-155 mi, 0-60 mph about 8.5 seconds, Li-ion batteries, recharge to 80% SOC < 1 hr, solar panels in roof power the onboard electronics. Target Intro: originally set for EU 2010-2011. Progress: concept at 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

Toyota, FT-EV, EV: Known inside Toyota as the "BEV" (Battery Electric Vehicle), 2-seater, based on iQ body, will have it’s own body style, will get its own body style to create a stand-alone model, top speed 70 mph, range 150km (93 miles), Li-ion batteries from a Toyota-Panasonic joint venture, recharge 7 hr, uses in-wheel electric motors. Target Intro: 2010 – no firm date announced. Progress: concept car unveiled at the 2009 NAIAS Auto Show in Detroit.

Toyota, Prius Plug-in, PHEV: Based on 2010 model (3rd generation Prius), AER 20-30km (12.4-18.6 mi), using Li-ion batteries, charge on standard home outlet. Toyota hopes to sell at a price comparable to Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV (around US$47,500) and start mass producing in 2012, with first-year output 20,000 to 30,000 cars. Target Intro: end 2009 thru 2010 to release 500 test fleet cars in Japan, EU & USA, Mass production 2012. Progress: currently testing in several public areas.

Volkswagen, Twin Drive, PHEV: Golf type 6 using VW twinDRIVE no transmission, 1-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, runs on electric only to 30 mph, then switches to gas engine, single gear ratio similar to top gear in a conventional car, electric motor give extra power when needed, 12 kWh battery, "e-mode" for electric only low speed driving. reverse is handled by the electric motor. Target Intro: test fleet of 20 cars 2010, no production goal announced. VW CEO said on Jul 3, 2009 VW will offer their first all-electric car in 2013. Progress: road-testing a Golf mule with 30 mi AER.

Volkswagen, E-Up!, EV: 2-door mini car, seats 3 adults + 1 child, range 130km, 0-60 mph in 11 sec, 60 kW electric motor, 210 Nm of torque (80-hp and 155 ft-lbs of torque), curb weight 1,085 kg (2,392 lbs), solar panels cover roof. Target Intro: No plan announced. Progress: Concept debuted at 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Volvo, V70, PHEV: Unspecified future model, shown as a Volvo V70 PHEV concept car, AER 50 km (31 mi), Li-ion battery, recharge about 5 hr from 240V wall socket, diesel engine, "range will be class-leading" and CO2 emissions will be lower than 50 g/km under the NEDC driving cycle, Developed under Volvo’s DRIVe program in partnership with Vattenfall (Sweden based northern European power utility). Target Intro: 2012. Progress: Announced with V70 concept car June 1, 2009, Volvo to test 3 cars this summer with Vattenfall.

ZENN, CityZENN, EV: 2-door City car, uses EEStor ultracapacitors, range 400 km (250) mi, top speed 125 km/h (78 mph), recharge in 5 minutes. Target Intro: introduce fall or end 2009, "commercially available" 2010. Progress: EEStor ultracapcitor in development.


Commercial Vehicles

Balqon, Natilus E20 / E30, EV: All-electric shipping cargo port drayage tractors, 60,000 lb payload, 30-60 mi range (full load vs empty), top speed 25mph (E20) / 40mph (E30), 336V flooded, deep cycle lead acid batteries, 140kWh (E20) / 160kWh (E30), 100 hp 230V AC motor, proprietary 240kW liquid cooled controller, recharge fast charge 60% SOC 1 hr (E30), 80% SOC 3.5 hr (E20) using Aerovironment Posicharge, funded development with AQMD & Port of LA grant, now testing with Li-ion batteries. Target Intro: 2009. Progress: 25 trucks being delivered to the Port of Los Angeles.

Boulder Electric Vehicles, Truck & WUV, EV: Cargo Van (Work Utility Vehicle) & Truck models built on common frame, range 200 mi for van, 120 mi for truck, top sped 65 mph, 80 kWh Li-ion Iron Phosphate battery, aluminum composite frame, composite body, payload: van 4500 lbs, truck 6000 lbs, GVWR: van 8490 lbs, truck 11,000 lbs, cost "around $100,000," startup based in Boulder, CO. Target Intro: Q2 2010. Progress: one prototype being road tested, 2nd vehicle being built for X-Prize.

Bright Automotive, Idea, PHEV: Light-duty commercial & gov’t fleet van, AER 30 mi before switching to est. 40 mpg hybrid mode (100 mpg @ 50 mi/day), 10kWh pack, all-wheel drive, 180 cf cargo space, weight 3200 lbs, 2000 lb payload, 70/30 split rear door, wide side door, integrated bulkhead, utilizes aluminum & composite materials, deso with fleet customer input included throughout development, target production of 50,000/year, led by OEM experienced team. Target Intro: US fleets 2012. Progress: concept vehicle & mule testing.

EVI, eviLightTruck, EV: Truck models in class 3, 4, 5 & 6, battery options of Valence lithium phosphate or Trojan lead acid, EVI offers both BEV and hybrid options for each model. Hybrids are NOT plug-in hybrids. Vehicle specs are: Class 3, range 60 mi (Li-ion battery), 45-60 mph, 330V, 100kW, $50,000-$55,000 + a 5-year battery lease (lithium polymer lease may be approx $1,400 a month for 5 years); Class 4 45-60mph, 330-450V, 100kW, 2 spd; Class 5/6 40-55 mph, 450V, 100kW, 2 spd.

Electrorides, ZeroTruck, EV: Class 4 truck, range up to 100 mi, top speed 60mph, Li-ion polymer battery, UQM 100 kW (124 hp) motor, peak torque 650 Nm (400 lb-ft), peak power 150 kW, continuous torque 400 Nm (295 lb-ft), continuous power 100 kW (134 horsepower), developed using an Isuzu chassis & 2 speed EDIS automatic transmission, range of body choices from utility to dry freight, $130,000 including battery pack, body optional. Target Intro: California 2009. Progress: first sale June 10, 2009 to City of Santa Monica.

Ford, Transit Connect, EV: Also known as the Smith Electric Vehicles Ampere, designed on popular Ford van from Europe, introduced to EU in 2002, selling in gasoline version in USA in mid 2009. EV version range 100 mi, top speed 70 mph. Collaboration with Smith Electric Vehicles of the UK which is building a factory in Kansas City. Ford appears to have removed links to the Transit Connect EV & Tourneo Connect EV from their websties. Target Intro: 2010. Progress: announced at 2009 Chicago Auto Show.

Ford, Tourneo Connect, EV: passenger version of the Transit Connect with rear passenger seats, which Ford believes will make it ideal as a taxi and shuttle service in urban environments, estimated range up to 160km (100 mi), top speed of 113 km/h (70 mph), 21kWh Li-ion battery, 50kW motor, collaboration with Smith Electric Vehicles to convert exisitng Ford Transit to EV in new Smith 80,000 sqft plant in Kansas City. Target Intro: 2011. Progress: concept car displayed at Geneva Motor Show 2009.

IC Bus, CE 10AHJ School Bus, PHEV: IC offers PHEV "Charge Depleting" & hybrid "Charge Sustaining" versions of CE series bus, charge depleting range 40 mi, Li-ion, liquid cooled battery pack, 80kW Enova Systems motor, post-transmission parallel hybrid (motor between transmission & rear differential), from max to 25% battery SOC gets up to 70% fuel economy improvement, during recharge mode gets 20-50% boost, adds about 2000 lbs and $100k to bus price.

Modec, Box Van, EV, Ground-up design with chassis cab, drop-side truck & box van models, 60-100 mi range depending on battery choice, top speed 50 mph, 102 hp electric motor, 300Nm of torque, recharge in 8hr on 240V 3 phase or exchange battery pack in 20 min, body is 98% recycleable with walk-thru cab. Vehicle available for purchase while battery pack is leased. Curb weight 600lbs, max payload 5500 lbs (US Class 3), More than 150 vehicles built since 2007. Major customers include Tesco, FedEx, UPS & UKMail. Modec says dealers are being established in France, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, US, but no specifics published.

Optare, Solo EV Bus, EV: 54 passenger bus, top speed is limited to 56 mph, range about 60 mi, Enova Systems P120 AC induction motor, 120kW, two banks of Valence Li-ion Phosphate batteries, for 307V 80kWh of energy, CEO, Jim Sumner, stated at a press conference in January “…it can be ordered today and be on the streets very soon” Target Intro: no date announced. Progress: demonstrated in London in January 2009. Target Intro: no date announced. Progress: demonstrated in London in January 2009.

Proterra, EcoRide BE35, EV: Golden, Colorado based, full size city bus, UQM 150 electric drivetrain, AltairNano batteries, claimed to capture 90% of kinetic energy on braking.

Smith Electric Vehicles, Edison, EV: Available in as chassis cab, panel van or 15 seater minibus. Range up to 100 mi, top speed 50 mph, Li-ion Iron Phosphate battery, standard battery pack size 40kWh, 90kW induction motor, payload up to 3960lbs in panel van & 5060 lbs in cab-chassis, GVW: 7700-10,100 lbs depending on several options. Target Intro: no target set for USA. Progress: selling now in UK.

Smith Electric Vehicles, Newton, EV: Large delivery truck already marketed in UK, range up to 100 mi, top speed 50 mph, Li-ion Iron Phosphate battery, onboard charger allows 6-8 hr recharge, Enova P120 120kW induction motor, payload up to 16,280 lbs, GVW: 16,535 lbs, 23,148 lbs or 26,455, lbs, to be assembled near Kansas City Intl Airport, Smith USA CEO quotes 80% per mile cost savings, but purchase cost of about 3x cost in comparison to similar gas/diesel trucks. Target Intro: mid-2009 USA. Progress: selling now in UK, delivered trucks to 6 US companies & utlities in July.


2 & 3 Wheel Vehicles

Aptera Motors, Aptera 2e, 3 wheel, EV: Composite body, aircraft-like shape, gull-wing doors, 2 side-by-side seats + center infant seat, 100+ mi range, Li-ion phosphate battery, 8 hr recharge on standard 120V, 3 drive modes (max range, balanced, max performance), ultra low drag coefficent (Cd) 0.15, 1500 lb curb weight, side view mirrors include video screen view from rear mounted camera, $20,000-$40,000 for 2e & 2h models, based on options. Target Intro: California 2009. Progress: now in demonstration & testing.

Aptera Motors, Aptera 2h, 3 wheel, PHEV: Same vehicle design and base features as Aptera 2e, but in PHEV form. Stated to be able to achieve 300 mpg. No technical details yet. Company based in Carlsbad, California. Target Intro: California 2010.

Brammo, Enertia, 2 wheel, EV: Street bike, range 42 mi, 0-30 mph 3.8 sec, top speed est. 60 mph, 3.1kWh Valence Li-ion phosphate battery pack, onboard charger recharges in about 4 hr, 13kW, 4Nm electric motor, curb weight 324 lbs, $11,995 list (+$500 delivery outside of CA,WA,OR) Standard & $14,995 Enertia Carbon Limited 99 unit signature edition series, based in Ashland, Oregon. Brammo is test marketing at 5 Best Buy stores on the West Coast. Best Buy is reported to have a $10M minority stake in Brammo. Target Intro: Q3 2009 ship production units. Progress: Selling from two Best Buy stores in Portland for CA, WA, and OR buyers, others reserve via Brammo website.

Electric Motorsport, Electric GPR-S, 2 wheel, EV: Street bike style, range 35-60 mi (based on power mode), top speed 60-70 mph, 3.3kWh Li-ion battery, 1.5-4hr recharge (2 modes), 19hp electric motor, $8500, company based in Oakland, California is EV parts retailer. Electric Motorsport won the Isle of Man 2009 TTXGP electric-only motorcycle Open class event with a modified GPR-S.

Mission Motors, Mission One, 2 wheel, EV: High performance street bike, 150 mi range (EPA cycle), top speed 150 mph, onboard charger, full charge 8 hrs 120V, 2 hrs 240V. wireless, data acquisition. Series of first 50 motorcyles $69,000 each, based in San Francisco, California. Target Intro: US 2010, first edition 50 units. Progress: demo unit.

Myers Motors, NmG, 3 wheel, EV: Three wheel enclosed vehicle, range 30 mi, top speed 76 mph, 600 lb battery pack of 13 sealed AGM lead acid batteries, 6-8 hr recharge at 120V/20A, 30-45 min fast charge on optional 240V external charger, 6 cu ft trunk, safety certified to US DOT standards for motorcycles & 3-wheel vehicles, 14 exterior color choices, $29,995 before tax, based in Akron, Ohio.

Quantya, Track & Strada, 2 wheel, EV: Off-road dirt bikes, range about 2.5 hrs riding time, top speed 45 mph, Quantya LiPo Energy 40Ah 48V battery, recharge 2 hr, axial gap DC brush electric motor, Track model has 12kW peak power motor / Strada model 8.5kW, total weight 195 lbs, company based in Switzerland. Selling now in USA & Europe.

Vectrix, VX-1, 2 wheel, EV: Range 35-55 mi, 0-50 mph in 6.8 sec, top speed 62 mph, recharge from 120V / 240V, full recharge is 3-5 hr, 2,5 hr for 80% SOC, 30Ah battery, brushless DC, radial air-gap rear-hub motor, peak power @ shaft 28.2 hp (21 kW), torque 48 ft-lbs (65 Nm), throttle incorporates regenerative braking – twist to accelerate or brake, curb weight 515 lbs, can carry 2 riders, MSRP $10,495, built in Poland, company based in Newport, Rhode Island. Operations now halted and filing for bankruptcy. Has laid off "all but essential staff". Stock trading has been suspended since Mar 31, 2009.

Zero Motorcycles, Zero X, 2 wheel, EV: Off-road dirt bike, range 2 hr or 40 mi, 0-30 in under 2 sec, 2 kWh Li-ion battery pack is recycleable & rated safe for land-fill disposal in the US, Canada and Europe, can be quickly exchanged, recharge under 2 hr from 120V or 240V, brushed permanent magnet motor, 23 peak hp, over 50 ft-lbs torque, clutchless one speed, user selectable driving speed & acceleration modes, total weight 151 lbs, $7,450 X Sport model up to $9,950 MX Extreme model, based in Santa Cruz, CA.

Zero Motorcycles, Zero S, 2 wheel, EV: Street bike, range 60 mi, top speed 60 mph, 4 kWh Li-ion battery pack is recycleable & rated safe for land-fill disposal in the US, Canada and Europe, recharge 4 hr from 120V or 240V, brushed permanent magnet motor, 31 peak hp, 62.5 ft-lbs torque, clutchless one speed, user selectable driving speed & acceleration modes, total weight 225 lbs, $9,950, based in Santa Cruz, California.