Sapiens and Endurance present a photovoltaic that allows 80% self-sufficiency for its partners

Sapiens Energia presents its third collective self-consumption facility for the energy community in Canet d’En Berenguer: Endurance, which will have the largest energy storage capacity for non-industrial use in the Valencian Community with 160 kWh. This new facility takes its name from the roof on which it will be located, from the company Endurance Motive, a Valencian manufacturer of storage systems.

With 100 kW of generation and a storage capacity of 160 kWh, this initiative is a pioneer in its field, since its storage capacity will allow the partners of this facility to have a degree of self-consumption close to 100% during the 24 hours of the year. day.

This new collective self-consumption facility is added to those already existing in the town of Camp de Morvedre: Domingo, El Sarao and Racó de Mar, progressively launched since 2020. Like the rest of the collective self-consumption facilities that Sapiens Energía has as energy community in Camp de Morvedre, has centralized storage systems that allow more efficient use of energy throughout the day, since it is generated, stored and consumed at kilometer 0.

Sapiens Energia will make a total investment of approximately €200,000 for this new 100 kWp installation, which will benefit some 38 homes, businesses and companies located within a 2-kilometer radius of the installation. The investment is supported by the IVACE with a subsidy of €105,775 and will allow the members of the cooperative to benefit with a minimum investment of €1,050, which implies about €217 of savings per year and 4-5 years of amortization of the investment , as well as tax deductions on income in 2024 for the investment undertaken. The approximate start-up date is January 2025 and reservations are already open on the Sapiens Energia website, at this link.

Juan Sacri, president of Sapiens Energia, highlights “betting on a Valencian energy storage manufacturer allows Sapiens Energía partners to maximize the use of the energy generated in Canet and allows us to generate synergies between two companies to export this model to other municipalities. that aim to achieve high degrees of energy self-sufficiency throughout Spain”.

Ander Muelas, president of Endurance Motive, shows his satisfaction at collaborating with this project which “demonstrates how storage in energy communities is going to add profitability, efficiency and independence to this interesting generation model. Europe has marked this path in which we want to promote energy communities and Sapiens is a reference in Spain to carry it out. We trust that this is the first of many in which we will work together.

For his part, Pere Antoni Chordà, mayor of Canet d’En Berenguer, wanted to support the initiative by visiting the Endurance facilities in the Canet d’en Berenguer industrial estate, where he was able to meet with its founding partners and from the president of Sapiens Energia details about this pioneering project in the Valencian Community. During the visit, he wanted to highlight “the importance of companies creating new lines of business as a result of investment in R&D, incorporating innovation into their corporate DNA and doing so from Canet d’en Berenguer, as is the case of Endurance Motive”.

Endurance Motive

It is a Valencian company specialized in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries and the development of stationary storage projects founded in 2018 by Ander Muelas and Carlos Navarro, which debuted in July 2021 on the BME Growth market. The company operates in the field of sustainable and efficient mobility where it provides comprehensive solutions to incorporate lithium battery technology in industrial, naval and traction vehicle sectors (public transport, last mile, maintenance, GSE, AGVs). It also stands out for its promotion of efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector through its stationary division, where it covers the industrial scale and utility scale areas.

Sapiens Energia

Sapiens Energía is a comprehensive cooperative leader in the creation, revitalization and support of energy communities. It was born in 2020 in Canet d’en Berenguer (Valencia) with a single purpose: to offer citizens a sustainable, economical and efficient alternative to the traditional energy model, based on Renewable Energy Communities (CER). Sapiens Energía has already launched more than 70 of these communities throughout the Spanish territory, comprehensively addressing all the aspects necessary to launch them, from advice and support in the creation of the CERs to the promoter town councils and citizen associations. ; to the installation, start-up and maintenance of the generation facilities.