José Donoso is chosen as ‘Global Solar Leader’

The Energy Transition is a topic of vital importance today, where Solar Energy plays a fundamental role. In this context, the recent recognition granted to the Director General of the (UNEF), José Donoso, as ‘Global Solar Leader’ by the main international solar energy associations, is a significant milestone that deserves to be highlighted.

This prestigious award is awarded annually by four of the leading associations in the energy transition worldwide: GSC (Global Solar Council), GGEIC (Global Green Energy Innovation and Cooperation Organization), Neiaap (New Energy Industry Alliance of Asia-Pacific) and Apvia (Asia Photovoltaic Industry Association). These awards recognize international leaders who have stood out for their commitment and daily work in the decarbonization of the world economy.

Global Leadership in Solar Energy

José Donoso thus becomes the first Spanish representative to receive this prestigious recognition. For him, this award is “an honor and a tremendous joy” that he also assumes “with great responsibility.” Donoso highlights that we are in a historic moment, not only for our country, but to preserve the world as we know it. The climate crisis is looming strongly, and these years are essential to complete an energy transition that acts as an effective containment barrier.
Given the height of the challenge we face, Donoso emphasizes that “we must act with the excellence expected of a sector like ours.” This philosophy of excellence and commitment is precisely what has been recognized by the main international solar energy associations, distinguishing Donoso as a Global Solar Leader.
The Spanish Photovoltaic Union and its Global Impact

The Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF), which Donoso leads, is the main association of the photovoltaic solar industry in Spain. His work has been fundamental in promoting the development of this sector in the country, becoming an international benchmark. Under Donoso’s leadership, UNEF has worked tirelessly to promote the energy transition and the decarbonization of the economy, positioning Spain as a key player in this process.

Beyond national borders, UNEF and its Director General have forged important links and collaborations at a global level. This international projection has allowed Donoso and his team to share experiences, good practices and innovative solutions with other leaders in the solar sector around the world. This work of cooperation and knowledge transfer has been crucial to accelerate the energy transition worldwide.
Challenges and Opportunities in the Energy Transition

The climate crisis and the pressing need to decarbonize the global economy are the main challenges facing the solar energy industry. However, these challenges also represent unprecedented opportunities to drive growth and sustainability of the sector.

Donoso and UNEF have been pioneers in addressing these challenges, adopting innovative strategies and promoting collaboration between the different actors in the energy ecosystem. From promoting favorable public policies to educating and raising awareness in society, their work has been essential to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy model.

Likewise, research and technological development in the field of solar energy have been priority areas for Donoso and his team. Improving efficiency, reducing costs and integrating innovative solutions have been key to boosting the competitiveness and scalability of this sector.

In conclusion, the recognition of José Donoso as ‘Global Solar Leader’ is a milestone that reflects the leadership and commitment of the Spanish Photovoltaic Union in the energy transition at a global level. This achievement is an inspiration for the entire solar industry and a call to continue working with excellence and strategic vision to build a more sustainable and resilient future.