Equinor announces hybrid solar photovoltaic and wind power project in Brazil

Equinor will build a 140 MWp photovoltaic complex in the same location where it already manages a group of wind farms
Equinor announced the construction of its first hybrid renewable energy project in Brazil, in Serra da Babilônia I, in the interior of Bahia.

The project will involve the implementation of the Serra da Babilônia photovoltaic solar park (140 MWp) in the place where the company already manages a set of wind farms, with 223 MW of capacity, through the subsidiary Rio Energy, acquired by Equinor last year. .

Construction of the new solar complex is expected to begin in September this year and commercial operations are planned for the end of 2025. The value of the investments has not yet been disclosed.

The energy produced by the new park will be sold by Danske Commodities, Equinor’s marketing company, which is already responsible for selling the energy from the company’s other assets in Brazil.

With the approval of the new solar complex, the multinational now has around 600 MW of solar and wind energy in production and construction in the country.

Equinor currently also represents a portfolio with more than 1.5 GW of solar and wind projects under development by Rio Energy.

The hybridization of energy projects, combining technologies such as solar and wind, has emerged as a strategy increasingly used by companies in the sector, since by sharing two or more sources, companies can increase the efficiency of their projects with complementary generation periods.