Ceará (Brazil) inaugurates photovoltaic plant with 292 MWp

The Panati Solar Complex, located in the city of Jaguaretama (CE), approximately 240 km from Fortaleza (CE), was officially inaugurated by SPIC Brazil and Recurrent Energy, a subsidiary of Canadian Solar, this Wednesday (19).

The photovoltaic project occupies a total area of ??741 hectares (565 of built area alone), composed of eight sub-parks with a total installed power of 292 MWp and capacity to supply around 350 thousand homes per year.

The centralized generation plant has been energized since December 2023 and began commercial operations in January of this year with the YES (National Interconnected System).

The plant capacity factor is approximately 35%. In total, around one billion reais were invested in its construction, which generated 1,400 green jobs during the 12 months of construction.

The investments were obtained through financing from BNB (Banco do Nordeste) and Sudene. The opening event was attended by Solar Channel, authorities and guests, as well as the governor of the State of Ceará, Elmano de Freitas (PT).
“This is not only the opinion of the state governor, but also of all our leaders. The greatest opportunity for economic development and increased GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is through renewable energies,” said Freitas.

The inauguration of the new complex definitively consolidates SPIC Brazil’s entry into the national photovoltaic market. Recently, the company and Recurrent Energy also inaugurated the Marangatu Solar Complex, in Brasileira (PI).
According to Adriana Waltrick, general director of SPIC Brazil, around 75% of the energy secured in the two complexes is committed through long-term PPAs (power purchase agreements), and the rest of the energy will be sold on the Free Market. Energy.

Regarding the Panati Complex, the executive stated that the choice of Jaguaretama to implement the plant occurred, above all, for two reasons.

“We found a place with abundant natural resources and that is in a state that has very well-defined collaboration policies between companies and the government, with deadlines to make the business viable. This provides security to the investor,” he stated.
SPIC is a Chinese multinational that invests in energy generation with a focus on renewable sources.

In Brazil, the company operates the São Simão Hydroelectric Power Plant, on the border between the states of Minas Gerais and Goiás, two wind farms in Paraíba –Millennium and Vale dos Ventos– and is a shareholder in one of the largest natural gas complexes in America. Latina. America, GNA (Gás Natural Açu), in São João da Barra (RJ).

The company also owns a majority stake of 70% in the Marangatu (PI) and Panati (CE) solar complexes.

Last year, the company signed a memorandum of understanding in China with the government of Ceará to study the technical feasibility of solar energy generation systems, offshore wind farms and the production of green and blue hydrogen, with Porto Pecém as a focal point, in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza.