The evolution of the photovoltaic solar industry in the US since 2021

The 2024 Solar and Energy Storage Summit has concluded. What are the key takeaways?

In the past three years there’s been a lot of advancement in solar deployment. We’ve seen technology develop and policy support increase. The key talking points have changed similarly in the last three years of the event, but a common thread has been consistent: the importance of supportive government policy.  

David is joined by Vanessa Witte, Senior Research Analyst at Wood Mackenzie, and Kelly Sarber, CEO of Strategic Management Group to recap the summit and explore the impact of the most important climate legislation in living memory: the IRA. New tariffs on solar and storage are part of it – what’s the impact been? What are the policy effects on emerging markets? 

Plus, supply chain issues in 2022 were a major talking point. Have these been resolved? On previous episodes of the show the issue of bottlenecks to new projects was raised as a big concern – Vanessa gives her perspective on this. It’s a high cost of capital environment and it’s causing delays. What can be done? 

Finally, Kelly explores the geopolitical risks, and the impacts of tariffs and policies aimed at strengthening domestic solar manufacturing.  

David Banmiller

Head of Americas Sales and host of The Interchange: Recharged

David manages the Global Strategic Banking team and hosts The Interchange: Recharged