Approval of a 65 MW photovoltaic project in New Zealand

Ethical Power and KeaX Limited secure approval from Selwyn District Council for a 65MW solar project near Christchurch, aimed at strengthening local energy infrastructure.
Ethical Power, in collaboration with KeaX Limited, has secured planning permission for the Buckleys Road PV project in the Selwyn district of New Zealand. The project, with a capacity of 65MW, covers 104 hectares and is designed to generate 100GWh of energy.
The site includes 140,000 single-axis tracking modules and 13 inverters, with a co-located battery energy storage system (BESS). This development aims to strengthen local energy infrastructure and improve the stability of the electrical grid. In addition to solar energy, more and more investors are taking advantage of New Zealand’s natural advantages to develop renewable energy, particularly wind, but also green hydrogen.
Nick Keeler, National Director of Ethical Energy Development New Zealand, underlines the strategic importance of the project: “Buckleys Road will be a major solar project in New Zealand. “We are delighted with the Board’s positive decision and look forward to seeing the project up and running.”
Campbell McMath, director of KeaX Limited, adds that council support is essential for renewable energy projects, helping to diversify land use and providing a stable source of income for local farmers.
Economic benefits and growth opportunities

The project site, adjacent to the Brookside 66 kV substation, is ideally located to maximize electric grid efficiency. The proximity to Christchurch, a major demand centre, reinforces the strategic importance of this development.
This project is in line with New Zealand’s national goals to increase renewable energy production. With a capacity of 100 GWh, the Buckleys Road solar farm will contribute significantly to meeting growing energy demand, while providing economic opportunities for the region.
Impact and prospects for the energy sector

The Buckleys Road project is a milestone for Ethical Power and KeaX Limited, and demonstrates the viability of large-scale solar projects in New Zealand. By combining Ethical Power’s international experience with KeaX’s local knowledge, this project underlines the power of strategic partnerships to drive energy development.
Once approval is obtained, construction work will begin shortly, marking a significant step forward for New Zealand’s energy industry. This project could serve as a model for future initiatives, attracting investment and strengthening the country’s energy sector.