Solatio announces the construction of a 4 gigawatt photovoltaic plant in Brazil

Solatio announced this Tuesday the construction of a photovoltaic solar energy plant with 4 gigawatts (GW) of installed power, which will be the largest of its type in Brazil.

The plant, which will be located in the state of Piauí, in northeastern Brazil, will require an investment of close to 10.3 billion reais (about 1.79 billion euros), the president of Solatio, Pedro Vaquer, told reporters.

The first phase of the project, with a capacity of 3 GW, will be built from mid-2025 to 2028, according to the company’s forecasts.

The solar park will be connected to a green hydrogen and ammonium factory that the Spanish company is also going to build in the same region, the Free Export Zone (ZFE) of Parnaíba.

The 11.4 GW green hydrogen plant will be completely supplied by solar energy, partly from the new plant and the other part will come from other Solatio units in Minas Gerais (southeast), which will arrive through the network national broadcast.

Vaquer said that it will be the largest solar plant in Brazil “by quite a bit,” since it almost doubles the largest existing in the country, which has 1.2 GW and was also built by the Spanish company, but later sold to the Brookfield company. You renew.

Solatio signed the memorandum of understanding for the construction of the plant with the Government of Piauí during the International Conference on Renewable Energy Technologies (Citer), held in the city of Teresina.