Floating wind power project in the Adriatic

Galileo, the pan-European renewable energy development platform, and Hope Group, the Apulia-based player active in the design of renewable plants, launch Barium Bay, the new joint venture dedicated to another development in Italy’s Adriatic Sea.

The plant will have a target capacity of 1,100MW and will be using floating offshore wind technology. The project, carrying the same name as the joint venture, will be positioned over 40 kilometres from the shoreline, spread from Barium to North of Barletta. 

Barium Bay has been designed with 74 wind turbines of 15 MW each and, given the site’s high distance from the shore, will be able to capture wind speeds sufficient to produce over 3 billion kilowatt hours, which represents the annual electricity demand of over one million Italian households.  

The joint venture Barium Bay is currently completing the necessary environmental and technical studies, with the objective to file its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) application within summer 2023.  In parallel, the JV will begin a 24-month wind measurement campaign at sea together with Eolos Floating Lidar Solutions, the Spanish firm specialized in this sector.

The Barium Bay project further consolidates Galileo and Hope’s partnership, which started with Lupiae Maris, the joint venture for the development of a 525 MW wind farm with the same technology in Apulia, Italy, off the Brindisi and Lecce coasts.