The IV Stage of the Aluar Wind Farm in Argentina begins

Aluar began the works corresponding to the IV Stage of its Wind Farm, with the construction of the bases of the next wind turbines to be installed, road opening tasks and cable laying of the medium voltage networks.
Stage IV will have 18 V150 type wind turbines with a unit power of 4.5 MW and a total power of said stage of 81 MW, the final power of the farm (including the 4 stages) being 245MW with a total of 63 pieces of equipment.
The wind turbines reach a height of 126 meters to the rotor axis, have a blade length of 68 meters and a total weight of approximately 575 tons.
The IV and last stage will complete the work that complies with Law 27,191 of the “National Promotion Regime for the use of Renewable Energy Sources” which, among its fundamental aspects, establishes that Large Users of the Wholesale Electricity Market, such as Aluar, they must comply by December 31, 2025 with 20% of the demand for electricity from the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) with renewable energy sources.
The work, which will end in December 2023 and is being managed by Infa S.A. on the property located northwest of the intersection of RN 3 and RP 4, about 20 km from the city of Puerto Madryn (Chubut Province), on the property of the “El Llano” Ranch.