Ukraine lost 90% of wind power and 50% of solar power due to Russian attacks

The Ukrinform agency recalls that since October 10, Russia has carried out massive attacks with kamikaze missiles and drones against the civilian energy infrastructure of Ukraine.
The war has left Ukraine without 90% of its wind power capacity and between 45% and 50% of its solar capacity. This was reported this Sunday by the Ukrainian Minister of Energy, Herman Halushchenko.
“‘Green’ energy is probably the most affected sector, because we have most of the capacities in the south of Ukraine. We have lost about 90% of wind and 45-50% of solar. It is a huge loss,” the minister said in an interview with a Ukrainian channel collected by the Ukrinform agency.

At the same time, he was convinced that Ukraine has great potential when it comes to the development of renewable energies, in particular wind power. And he pointed out that Europe is interested in investing in this direction after the war.
“We had a strategy that envisaged by 2030 a share of ‘green’ energy in Ukraine’s energy balance of at least 25%. I think that after our victory, taking into account the destruction caused by Russia, we will review it and increase the percentage », he said.

Ukrinform recalls that since October 10, Russia has been carrying out massive kamikaze missile and drone attacks on Ukraine’s civilian energy infrastructure.

As a consequence, more than 45 energy installations have been damaged. And Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s electricity distribution network operator, has imposed restrictions on power supply in central and northern Ukraine.