Enel Green Power Chile gets authorization to begin commercial operation of the Sol de Lila solar power park

The National Electric Coordinator delivered its formal authorization for Enel Green Power Chile to begin commercial operations of its Sol de Lila solar power park, located in the Region of Antofagasta and the Atacama Desert, which will have an installed capacity of 161 MW and inject 100% renewable energy into the National Electric System.
Sol de Lila was built using state-of-the-art double sided solar panel technology, to allow for greater efficiency in capturing solar radiation.

Enel Chile through its renewable energy development subsidiary, Enel Green Power Chile, received authorization from the National Electric Coordinator to begin the commercial operation of its Sol de Lila solar power plant, which has an installed capacity of 161 MW. From today, the park located in the Atacama Desert and Antofagasta Region will begin to inject renewable energy into the National Electric System.

“At Enel Chile, we stand by our commitment to promote the country’s energy transition from a matrix based on fossil fuels to one based on energy development and generation using renewable sources. The start of commercial operations at Sol de Lila is another important step towards this goal,” says Fabrizio Barderi, CEO of Enel Chile.

This new solar power park will generate approximately 500 GWh per year, avoiding emissions of over 365,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and helping reduce greenhouse gases. Thanks to this park’s installed power and electric generation, we will be able to supply energy to around 167,000 Chilean homes.

“The construction of Sol de Lila employed around 1,260 people, who were responsible for executing civil and electrical works, and the installation of 407,400 double-sided monocrystalline solar panels, a state-of-the-art technology that allows for greater efficiency in the collection of solar radiation,” adds María Galainena, Engineering and Construction Manager for Enel Green Power Chile.

Enel Green Power Chile is a subsidiary of Enel Chile, leader of the country’s renewable energy market, with a diversified portfolio that contains wind power (564 MW), solar power (1,537 MW), hydropower (92 MW), and geothermal power (81 MW).