Goldwind begins construction of a 1,600-tonne offshore wind installation vessel

The vessel has the largest variable loading capacity and storage capacity of wind turbines in China and can optimize the construction of offshore wind projects with different types of foundations in deep water, significantly improving the lifting efficiency of wind turbine components and reducing the construction cost.

According to the company, this could accelerate the development of affordable offshore wind power.

The main hook of the installation vessel’s primary crane will support a maximum lifting height of 165 meters and a maximum lifting weight of 1,600 tonnes.

The ship will be able to lift wind turbines of more than 20 MW with fixed support structures and operate in water depths of up to 70 meters.

Goldwind held a groundbreaking ceremony for its installation vessel in Nantong, Jiangsu province.
The new-generation installation ship, costing almost RMB 1.5 billion (about 220 million euros), will be put into operation next August and will create more value for offshore wind power development in Yangjiang, Guangdong. and the South China Sea.

“The 1,600-tonne self-elevating wind installation vessel emerged under the guidance of China’s ‘CO2 neutrality goals’ and amid huge development opportunities for offshore wind power,” said Li Fei, Vice President of Goldwind.