ACP CEO Heather Zichal statement on disappointing Supreme Court ruling in West Virginia vs. EPA

 Heather Zichal, CEO of the American Clean Power Association (ACP) today issued the following statement regarding today’s 6-3 ruling from the Supreme Court in the landmark environmental enforcement case West Virginia vs. EPA

“The American Clean Power Association is deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court has hamstrung EPA’s power to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and help fight climate change.  

At a time when we can least afford it, this decision constrains EPA’s ability to put meaningful limits on carbon from power plants—the nation’s largest industrial source of such pollution. In passing the Clean Air Act with overwhelming bipartisan support, Congress established a national program intended to curb pollution and protect human health and welfare. The Court’s decision turns the clock backwards by curtailing EPA’s ability to do that job.  

The Court’s constrained view of the Clean Air Act prevents EPA from using what has long been recognized as the easiest, cheapest, and best way to reduce pollution in the power sector: switching from higher emitting plants to affordable, reliable clean power.  

By weakening one of the Administration’s chief tools to reduce the damage from greenhouse gases, the Court’s decision highlights the need for swift congressional action on passing the climate provisions in the reconciliation package—which will move the nation forward on the path to cutting emissions in half by 2030 while achieving real energy independence, building good jobs, and lowering energy costs for consumers.”