Dept. of Energy U.S. Energy & Employment Jobs Report

The clean energy industry now employs as many people as the natural gas and coal industries combined. The USEER report from the Department of Energy confirms the rapid growth of clean energy jobs across the country as the American energy transition continues.

In 2021 the solar, wind, and energy storage sectors employed more than 442,900 full-time workers – an increase of 6.7 percent from 2020, despite challenges from the global pandemic. These are the jobs of Americans that will power our clean energy economy.

One of the biggest challenges to meeting the Biden administration’s clean energy goals will be getting enough people trained and added to the clean energy workforce as quickly as possible. Energy workers are part of a dynamic industry that will see continued growth with the implementation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. However, we must scale clean power at a faster rate to meet our nation’s emissions goals – and stable, long-term policy is a critical part of realizing the full economic development and climate benefits of clean energy.

We urge Congress and the Biden administration to codify into law the climate and energy provisions in the reconciliation package which will drive further clean energy investments and job creation while reducing emissions, achieving energy independence, and lowering energy costs for consumers.

The incentives currently considered under the reconciliation bill will serve as a foundation for the next wave of domestic clean energy investments that will further spur massive job creation and create high demand for a diversity of roles in domestic manufacturing, construction, project development, and operations.

ACP applauds Secretary Granholm and the Department of Energy for compiling the U.S. Energy and Employment Report. It is a critical tool in understanding the role of the energy sector and how the clean energy transition can be a transition for all.