American Clean Power statement on Biden-Harris Administration Section 201 tariff appeal

American Clean Power CEO Heather Zichal issued the following statement today after the Biden-Harris Administration decided to appeal the November 2021 court decision regarding current 201 tariffs on solar panels coming into the United States:

The American Clean Power Association is disappointed by the Biden-Harris Administration’s latest blow to the domestic solar industry with the decision to appeal the Section 201 tariff decision that was issued by the Court of International Trade. This action is counter to President Biden’s goals of rapidly deploying clean energy, creating jobs, and lowering consumer costs. As we face daily headlines about the intensifying effects of climate change and as demand for clean energy is increasing, we would urge President Biden to carefully consider his upcoming decision on the extension of these problematic, Trump tariffs on solar panels. This is critical in light of recent analysis that shows a 25 percent reduction in the 2022 solar market outlook from previous forecasts.”