Vice President Kamala Harris addresses CLEANPOWER 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris addressed attendees today at the American Clean Power Association’s CLEANPOWER 2021 event in Salt Lake City via video and outlined the Biden-Harris administration’s continued strong support for the growing renewable energy sector and the jobs and economic benefits that it provides.

CLEANPOWER is the leading renewable energy conference that brings together the most knowledgeable minds in the clean energy industry to create a collaborative platform for discussing issues that are important to industry professionals and their companies.

“We are honored to have Vice President Harris address CLEANPOWER and applaud her commitment and hard work on the transition to a clean energy future. She is truly a transformational leader in America,” said ACP CEO Heather Zichal.

“I believe that in the 21st-century a clean energy future is not just possible, it is vital,” Vice President Harris said during her remarks. “We know that in order to meet our climate goals we must double the pace of clean energy deployment and then double it again.  That is why the work you are doing and the work we are doing together is so important today.”

On the recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act becoming law Vice President Harris said, “This is the most significant investment in infrastructure in a generation and the largest investment in transmission infrastructure in American history.  It will help you deliver clean affordable reliable energy to families and communities across our nation, and it will help ensure our electric vehicles are powered by clean energy, which will reduce emissions and improve people’s health.”

On the current Build Back Better Act legislation being negotiated in Congress, Vice President Harris said, “This legislation represents the largest effort to combat the climate crisis in American history and it will help your businesses build and produce clean energy and lower costs for families that are making the shift to clean energy.”

In closing, Vice President Harris told attendees, “The President and I are determined that the investments we make create good jobs for American workers because combating the climate crisis and building clean energy is about creating good jobs for this generation and the next.”

Watch the video here.