Qair Brasil completes wind farm in Ceará

Last Thursday, October 28, Qair Brasil completed the assembly of the last wind turbines for the Serra do Mato project, in Trairi (CE). The project has 29 wind turbines, with a total of 121.8 MW of installed power, and the works were completed ahead of schedule. Serra do Mato is a hybrid complex. The 101 MW solar portion is expected to be completed in 2022.

The Serra do Mato Wind Complex is an expansion of the Serrote Wind Complex (205 MW), in the same city. Together, the plants total 78 completed towers. All the machines were built in partnership with the manufacturer Vestas, which will also include another 160 MW in projects, to be installed in the Afonso Bezerra Wind Farm, in the municipalities of Macao and Afonso Bezerra, in Rio Grande do Norte.

According to Luiz Santos, Director of Development and Construction of Qair Brasil, the completion of one more phase of the Serrote / Serra do Mato Complex is a very important milestone for the company, as it adds 121.8MW to the Brazilian energy matrix when the country does so. needs to. new and green energy, contributing to a low carbon economy.

The company is also going to build a solar complex in Ceará with the Bom Jardim I and III plants, located in the municipality of Icó, which will come into operation on January 1, 2026. Both projects were made viable in an auction. Each plant has a power of 48.1 MW and the complex must have ten plants, totaling 440 MW. Bom Jardim I and III are the company’s first parks in Brazil to be listed on a regulated market. Qair Brasil’s intention for the complex is to have a combination of contracts between a regulated and a free market.