EDP Renewables opens the biggest solar complex in São Paulo State

Located in the city of Pereira Barreto, it will be the fifth-largest solar farm in Brazil and EDPR’s largest in the world

Today, EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), the world’s fourth largest renewable energy producer, is opening the largest solar complex in São Paulo State and the fifth largest in Brazil, with an installed capacity of 252.29 MWdc. Located in Pereira Barreto, the solar complex will be the largest in the world to be developed, built and operated by the company.

Solar plants Pereira Barreto

The photovoltaic plant is having a positive impact on the region’s socioeconomic development and is helping to create sustainable employment. The project has already led to 1,500 jobs since the start of its construction, more than half of which (56%) are at local level. 

The project covers a total area of 455 hectares, equivalent to 421 football pitches, and will avoid more than 150 tons of CO2 emissions each year. 

“Pereira Barreto represents the company’s commitment to diversification, in this case to photovoltaic solar energy. Brazil is a key market in terms of achieving our Business Plan. In the medium to long term, we plan to develop similar projects in the region, creating even more jobs and working to protect the environment. We’re changing tomorrow now”, says Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, CEO of EDP and EDP Renováveis.

Miguel Stilwell

With almost 600,000 photovoltaic panels, the solar farm will generate up to 547,000 MWh per year – enough to supply a city of more than 750,000 inhabitants.

Pereira Barreto Solar Plant

The company that will commercialize the green energy of this major solar project will be EDP Brasil (ENBR3), through its trading company, the third largest private trader and the largest retail trader in the Brazilian market.