American Clean Power Statement on Commerce Department Trade Decision

American Clean Power Association CEO Heather Zichal issued the following statement on the Commerce Department trade decision.

“The American Clean Power Association believes the anonymous petitioners’ requests will ultimately be denied since the case has no merit. The petitioners – who will not step forward publicly – seek to overturn precedent already well established by the Commerce Department regarding the origin of solar cells and modules. After years of planning and investing millions of dollars, ACP member companies have indicated they will have to stop or cancel solar projects currently under development if this investigation is initiated. An independent analysis shows that, if enacted, the retroactive tariff increases would cause the loss of 160,000 jobs, over $100 billion in investment and forgo emission reductions equivalent to removing 22 million cars from the road. Moving ahead with this matter would cause grave damage to the solar sector in the United States and put the Biden administration’s economic and climate goals at risk.”

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