American Clean Power statement on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report

Heather Zichal CEO of the American Clean Power Association (ACP) issued the following statement after the IPCC released its Sixth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis.

“The extreme weather events we are witnessing around the globe show that climate change is well underway and accelerating. Climate change is a global threat that requires international collaboration and the findings released today by the IPCC note there are policies and government action that can be enacted to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

As Congress debates infrastructure legislation and prepares for the budget reconciliation process, this report shows that our leaders need to realize the immediate national security threat climate change poses to our country and future generations. As wildfires and hurricanes occur more frequently, the human and economic devastation they cause will only intensify if we do not take immediate action now.

Sensible policies such as clean energy standards and federal incentives to continue the rapid deployment of renewable energy projects and infrastructure are essential to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. Reaching a majority renewables electric grid by 2030 will deploy over $1 trillion of capital investment into the U.S. economy and support nearly 1 million direct jobs and reduce U.S. carbon emissions by over 60 percent.

The American Clean Power Association and our member companies are ready to address these challenges today and are determined to achieve these important goals.”

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