Two Statkraft wind power plants in Ireland due for completion next year

Statkraft has confirmed that the two wind farms successful in the Irish renewable energy auction last year, totalling 57MW, are underway and are due for completion at the end of 2022. The wind farms will have the capacity to power 45,000 Irish homes.

Taghart Wind Farm in Cavan is a 23MW project and works got underway at the beginning of the year. Cloghan Wind Farm in Offaly has a capacity of 34MW and construction started earlier this month.

Speaking about the two projects, Kevin O’Donovan, Managing Director with Statkraft Ireland said, “Getting construction underway is always a milestone moment, as we are bringing the project to life, so I am delighted that Cloghan has now followed Taghart into construction and both of these cornerstone developments are now officially underway.”

“Both wind farms were part of our portfolio submitted to the RESS-1 renewable energy auction last year, where we won the most capacity of any renewable energy developer. So they are both very strategic projects from the country’s point of view, and will make an important contribution to reaching our 2030 renewable energy targets.”

“With our abundance of clean natural resources, Ireland can be a world leader when it comes to powering our homes and our country with renewable energy. These wind farms are a key part of that journey.” O’Donovan concluded.

Taghart Wind Farm consists of 7 turbines with the potential to power c.18,000 homes with clean, green, renewable energy. Cloghan Wind Farm consists of 9 wind turbines with the capacity to power c.27,000 homes. Both projects are scheduled to be operational by the end of 2022.