Brazil already has 14.34 GW of wind energy in 568 wind farms and more than 7,000 wind turbines in 12 states

Wind power in Brazil reached 14 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity. The reference data were published on Monday by the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (Abeeólica) and show that the total production of this energy matrix is ??equivalent to the same installed capacity of the Itaipu hydroelectric plant.
In total, there are 14.34 GW of installed capacity in 568 wind farms and more than 7,000 wind turbines in 12 states. The states of the Northeast Region concentrate most of the production. Rio Grande do Norte appears in first place with 146 wind farms and 3,949.3 megawatts (MW) of power. Then comes Bahía, with 133 wind farms and a capacity of 3,525 MW; Ceará ranks third, with 2,049.9 MW of power and 80 wind farms installed.
“Wind energy has shown constant growth, going from less than 1 GW in 2011 to 14 GW today, fully connected to the transmission grid. On average, the energy generated by these wind sources is currently equivalent to the approximate residential consumption of approximately 26 million homes [80 million people], ”the association reported.

According to Abeeólica, wind energy accounts for almost 14% of the National Interconnected System (SIN). In the specific case of the Northeast, the load assistance record exceeds 70% of the energy produced in the region.