Brazil has already installed 218.45 MW of wind energy in april of 2021

In April, Brazil reached 1,007 GW of installed capacity in 2021, according to data from the National Electric Power Agency (Aneel). In April alone, 324.45 MW were launched.

Wind energy was, for the fourth consecutive month, the source with the most accentuated growth, reaching the mark of 218.45 MW of installed power, which represents 67% of the total in April.

Almost all of the wind generation expansion, 201 MW, was delivered to plants that were not selling on the regulated market. Of the total (812 MW) of wind farms released in 2021, until April, 555 MW correspond to plants in the same conditions, equivalent to 68.3% of this amount.

Throughout 2021, new generation units were launched for commercial operation in 12 states of Brazil. Three states account for 64.8% of the installed capacity in the country this year: Piauí, with 190.35 MW, Rio Grande do Norte, with 221.06 MW, and Bahia, with 241.55 MW.

In the first quarter of 2021, there was an increase of 44.26 MW in installed power in the isolated system.