Goldwind’s first wind power plus energy storage hybrid project is put into operation

In December, 2020, Goldwind’s first wind power plus energy storage system hybrid project—The Lingbi Project in China Anhui province, was completed and put into operation.

The approved wind power capacity of Lingbi Project is 50MW, and adopted 16 sets of Goldwind GW140-3.0MW and 1 set of GW121-2.0MW direct drive permanent magnet wind turbines. Goldwind’s subsidiary Etechwin provides the project 10MW/10MWh energy storage system, including wind-storage combined control system, 5 suits of 40-foot LFP battery containers and 5 integrated electric control prefabricated cabins for energy storage, power conversion, and pressure boost.

After the project is put into operation, the peak-load regulation and frequency control capacities of the wind farm will be greatly improved, which will play an important role in ensuring the safety of the grid and the consumption of renewable energy, and provide an important model for the development of new energy in the future.

With the rich experience in the application of renewable energy and the advantage of energy storage technology, Goldwind will take advantage of the latter’s fast, flexible and stable characteristics, and build diversified hybrid projects, to explore the optimal solution on renewable energy consumption served by the energy storage system, and safeguard the reliability of the power grid and energy security.