More efficient photovoltaics: EGP leads the PON BEST4U project

Finding solutions to increase the efficiency of bifacial photovoltaic modules by more than 25% and energy production at the same power by more than 20%: that is the goal of BEST4U, the European project financed by Italy’s Ministry of Education (Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca, or MIUR) and the European Community through the European Regional Development Fund. Enel Green Power leads the consortium of partners that will study the best solution to produce cells and 4-terminal Tango modules with an efficiency in ordinary conditions of 25% higher than that of standard modules.

This is an industrial innovation project in the service of sustainability in the solar sector, the leading technology in the energy transition and one where our Group boasts a wealth of experience, recognized at national and international levels. In recent years, the EGP 3SUN production center in particular stands out for the development of heterojunction solar cell technology, this year marking a new record in light conversion efficiency with HJT bifacial modules and cells produced in Catania.

The BEST4U project, launched on 1 April 2020 and scheduled for completion on 30 March 2022, focuses primarily on the creation of high efficiency, heterojunction bifacial solar cells, known as “Tango”, optimized for use in tandem configuration. The project will also explore the options for technology transfer at 3SUN and industrialization of the first 4-terminal HJT modules. In addition, to ensure the highest performance levels, a bifacial photovoltaic field model will be built which will be optimized to use ground albedo with the goal of reaching 20% more productivity in kWh/kWp than the mono-facial system and validating a predictive model.

Our participation in the BEST4U project integrates perfectly with the EGP roadmap to improve photovoltaic efficiency and surpass the intrinsic limits of conventional monocrystalline silicon cell technology.