EDF Renewables commissions a new solar farm with storage in French Guiana

EDF Renewables, a leading player in wind and solar energies in France, is announcing the commissioning of Toucan 2, a 5 MW photovoltaic power plant equipped with a smart storage system.
This new power plant represents another step forward for the energy transition underway in the territory and will help French Guiana meet its goal of energy selfsufficiency by 2030.
The installation will also bring EDF closer to its Solar Plan’s objectives of making it one of France’s leading players of solar energy with a 30% market share by 2035.

The Toucan 2 photovoltaic power plant, which is located in the French Guiana municipality of Montsinéry-Tonnégrande, boasts abundant solar irradiation at the near-5-hectare site.

It is fitted with an intelligent battery storage installation coupled with a high-performance ITdriven management system that is able to continuously optimize the power transmitted by photovoltaic panels on the electricity grid, in order to increase the supply of electricity in the evening, between 7pm and 9pm, when demand is high. This enhanced local remote contributes more generally to the stability of French Guiana’s electricity grid.

This innovative system has been developed by EDF Store & Forecast, the EDF Group’s specialised storage subsidiary.

The new Toucan 2 power plant will complement the Toucan 1 solar facility with storage developed, built and operated by EDF Renewables since 2015. Together, the two facilities possess a combined capacity of 10 MW, generating sufficient energy to cover the annual electricity needs of close to 3,600 homes in French Guiana.

In French Guiana, EDF now has eight solar facilities in service, including three that are equipped with battery storage systems. It represents close to 20 MW in total capacity.

David Augeix, Head of Southern France and Overseas Territories at EDF Renewables, commented: “The Toucan 2 photovoltaic power plant is perfectly suited to the energy transition goals of what is an insular region, since it will generate decarbonised energy and is equipped with a high-performance storage system to help enhance grid stability. EDF Renewables is proud to be supporting French Guiana over the long term with its 2030 goal of energy self-sufficiency by making competitive ground-breaking solutions available.”