Iberdrola puts the Puylobo wind farm in Aragon into operation

The construction of the wind power plant, in record time and during the pandemic, has involved 120 professionals, the civil works have been carried out by Aragonese companies and a good part of the components of the wind turbines have been built in the country.
Part of the park’s production will provide green wind energy to the 13,500 supply points of Vodafone’s own network in Spain.

Iberdrola continues to advance in its investment plans in renewables to continue promoting the energy transition and with it the recovery of the economy and employment. In this context, the Puylobo wind farm in the province of Zaragoza began operations, after completing its construction in a record time of eight months during the pandemic.

Located in the province of Zaragoza -in the Zaragoza municipalities of Borja and Mallén-, the project has 49 MW of installed power, distributed in 14 SG 3.4-132 wind turbines; a model with a 64.5 m long blade, optimal for medium and high wind sites. The start-up of Puylobo will prevent the annual emission into the atmosphere of 19,000 t / CO2 and part of its production will provide 100% renewable energy to the 13,500 supply points of Vodafone’s own network in Spain from January, after the Long-term clean energy purchase and sale agreement (PPA) signed between both companies.

The construction of the wind farm has involved more than 120 professionals and has had a relevant local participation: civil works have been carried out by local companies and a good part of the components of the wind turbines -towers, nacelles, generators, multipliers and transformers- are They have manufactured in Asturias, Cantabria, Soria and Burgos.

With Puylobo, Iberdrola completed in the last year and a half the construction of 122 renewable megawatts (MW) in Aragon, including the El Pradillo wind farm (23 MW), in Zaragoza and in operation since January, and its first photovoltaic plant -Azaila, of 50 MW, which completes its construction in Teruel. In this way, the company raises the renewable MW installed in the region to around 500.

It doubles its renewable bet with 500 green MW in the pipeline

Aragon is one of the regions in which Iberdrola has decided to continue investing, doubling its renewable commitment in the coming years, with the processing of nearly 500 green MW. These are the Peñaflor, Fuendetodos and Escatrón photovoltaic plants and a wind power installation in co-development in Pancrudo, Teruel. All projects have connection access and environmental analysis.

Additionally, Iberdrola plans to promote the development of wind and photovoltaic projects with 700 MW of installed capacity in different areas of the region.

Green investments to promote economic recovery and employment

Iberdrola is convinced that the energy transition can act as a key driving agent in the transformation of the industrial fabric and in the green recovery of the economy and employment. To this end, the company has launched a historic investment plan of 75,000 million euros for the period 2020-2025, with the aim of doubling its renewable capacity and taking advantage of the opportunities of the energy revolution facing the main economies of the world.

Investments in Spain for the period amount to about 14,300 million euros and half -more than 7,000 million euros- will go to the development of new renewable projects, while more than 4,500 million will go to strengthen and continue digitizing the electrical networks.

After twenty years promoting the energy transition, Iberdrola is the leader in renewable energy in our country, with an installed capacity of more than 16,700 renewable MW as of September 2020; a volume that in the world rises to more than 33,000 MW, making its generation park one of the cleanest in the energy sector.

With CO2 / kWh emissions that are already two-thirds lower than the European average, the investment strategy in clean energy and networks will lead Iberdrola to be a “carbon neutral” company in Europe by 2030.