Alcazar Energy and Hecate Energy brought online 45 MW Shobak wind farm in Jordan

Vestas was contracted to construct the project which included the installation of 13 V136-3.45 MW wind turbines across an area of 14.5km2 near the village of Al Shobak. It will also provide O&M services.

The wind farm is jointly financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) and the Europe Arab Bank.

The project in the Ma’an Governorate directly supports the Kingdom’s National Energy Strategy to achieve 20 per cent of its required energy from renewable resources by 2025, the companies said, and is projected to displace over 75,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and save in excess of 130,000 cubic metres of water annually over its 35-year lifespan.

Alcazar Energy now has seven operational wind and solar assets across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey region, where its development and operation work is focused.

Hecate Energy is a renewables and storage developer focused on North America and selected markets elsewhere.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Alcazar Energy Daniel Calderon said: “The completion of the Shobak wind farm, while navigating the challenges of COVID-19, is a real testament to Alcazar Energy’s resolve, expertise and unwavering commitment to all our public and private partners.”

EBRD Head of Energy, Europe, Middle East and Africa Harry Boyd-Carpenter added: “We are delighted to have been able to support this further addition of renewable generating capacity to Jordan’s remarkable green transition.”

Participation of local employees reached 30 per cent of the total workforce, higher than comparable projects in the wind industry, the companies said.

The on-the-ground team had a workforce of 350 employees. In total, the project required over 350,000 working-hours for the civil works, the specialised assembly of wind turbines and the construction of the substation.