Wind energy in Argentina, first wind farm in Neuquén

The first Neuquén Wind Farm, located in the Bajada Colorada area, will contribute a total of 100 megawatts (Mw) to the Argentine Electric Interconnection System from next week, with the start-up of new wind turbines, reported the Government of the province.

The president of the Agency for the Promotion and Development of Investments of Neuquén (ADI-NQN), José Brillo, anticipated that “next week the four largest wind turbines will be enabled, and the power will be taken to 80 at 100 Mw ”, highlighting the progress of the project for the first Vientos Neuquinos Wind Farm, which is being carried out 200 kilometers west of the provincial capital.
“Production is the equivalent of a third of what Neuquén consumes,” said Brillo, and stressed that “it would raise the volume of renewable energy in the energy matrix to 22%, when it had been planned to reach 20% in 2025”.

The work is in charge of the North American company AES and consists of 29 turbines (120-meter-high windmills), the first 10 of which were put into operation last June.

The investment is US $ 170 million, financed through the US financial institution OPIC (which contributed US $ 122 million) and a loan from Argentine banks for US $ 48 million, it was indicated.
“The full connection to the Electric System in the 132 kilovolt High Voltage Line of El Chocón-Piedra del Águila will undoubtedly be a transcendent event for the province, which is moving towards the expansion of its productive matrix, with its consequent benefits for the general population, ”concluded Brillo.