American Wind Energy Association Statement on Business Roundtable Climate Change Policy Announcement

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) released this statement after the corporate leaders at the Business Roundtable announced new principles and policies to address climate change, including support for market-based climate solutions:
“We applaud the Business Roundtable and its corporate leadership for embracing the need for a comprehensive and market-based approach to address climate change. With over 80 percent of America’s voters saying a company’s commitment to combatting climate change is important when they consider where to spend their dollars and which brands to give their loyalty to, it’s encouraging to see these titans of industry take a collective position to address this issue.

More and more Fortune 500 companies, including members of the Roundtable, are choosing wind energy as a preferred solution to power their operations, reduce costs to customers, and help meet their business and sustainability targets. It’s proven to be not only good for the environment, but good for business and their bottom lines.

This corporate momentum towards a lower-carbon future powered by clean, affordable, renewable energy is going to continue as the country shifts to rebuilding from COVID-19. Clean power is also going to be a major driver of the country’s economic recovery through job creation and local market investments, helping people where it’s needed most. And we look forward to helping companies identify practical solutions to achieve their climate policy goals and kickstart America’s recovery.” – AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan